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Along with the rest of the world, our WSI Internet Franchise has witnessed the effects of the unsteady economy of recent years. And the US economy in particular has experienced a downturn unlike all the rest. So, naturally, WSI took this opportunity to launch our Investing in America” Program. We are, after all, extremely committed to investing in our community and doing our part in helping to re-build a promising post-recession America.

Essentially the Investing in America Program offers 30 of our world-class digital marketing franchise units at a massively discounted fee of 50%! And we are certain that with its objectives to restore the American economy and to actively give back to the community, this program is perfectly suited for US-based military veterans looking to start their own business.

Aligned with the compassion required to serve in the American military, our Investing in America Program includes the requirement to “pay it forward.” More specifically, those who are awarded a WSI Internet Franchise through this exclusive program will be required to proactively take part in local community outreach initiatives. Ultimately, our goal is not only investing in your career, but to also give back to as many American communities as possible. This pay it forward component to the program is one that we knew would resonate well with American military veterans, especially because they never fail to rise to the occasion!

Further, the WSI Internet Franchise Opportunity is one that aims to always remain one step ahead of the game and capitalizes on the endless technological innovations brought about through the Internet. Military veterans will immediately recognize the profitable opportunities in digital marketing. They’ll also be sure to appreciate WSI’s proven, world-class systems that serve as the blueprint for leveraging those opportunities. In a crowded franchise marketplace, this is a unique chance to be a part of one of the most attractive models available, all the while benefiting from the independence to set your own hours and build the lifestyle you really want.

Together, WSI and American military veterans can work to rebuild the US economy, support charitable causes, and lead the way in ground breaking, best in class digital marketing solutions.

Read more about US-based military veterans and the exciting opportunities in WSI’s Investing in America Internet Franchise Program.

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