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WSI Wins Bid to Become the Official Marketing Company 
for the 2012 Heineken Regatta

I’m very pleased to be sharing a recent accomplishment of Netherlands-based WSI Consultant, Rudolf Stomps. Rudolf recently landed an outstanding deal and has secured WSI’s spot as the official marketing company for the 2012 Heineken Regatta(March 1-4, 2012).

A prime focus for the regatta’s official marketing company includes the responsibility of establishing a global presence by way of an extensive social media marketing campaign. This is undoubtedly an exceptional opportunity to showcase WSI’s online impact on a global stage. On behalf of the entire staff and management team at Corporate Office, I’d like to congratulate Rudolf on this outstanding accomplishment.

For all you avid sailors, you might already know that the Heineken Regatta is the Caribbean’s premier sailing event. Taking place in St. Maarten, the Heineken Regatta attracts thousands of people – local and from afar – as well as a diverse group of global companies, who are often valued sponsors for the event.

Naturally, WSI also recognizes this as an excellent opportunity for our IC network to leverage the event’s global reach. Because WSI has already established a role in the Heineken Regatta, franchisees will also be able to leverage this event as it poses outstanding lead generation and networking opportunities.

To learn more about the event, visit

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