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What’s happening in the Middle East?

Posted by trinda On February - 8 - 2013

What’s happening in the Middle East?

I read a recent study by Allmand Law which found that more than 90% of all tech startups fail. It’s a bleak statistic. It’s a fact that today Entrepreneurs look to franchising which has a higher success rates and a proven system already in place.

With Google’s recent report that the UAE and Saudi Arabia each have the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates, at 62% and 60% respectively, there is a lot of potential for continued mobile development in the region and in fact globally.

There is no doubt there is a large need for social media, mobile marketing and digital marketing in general but not everyone can do this. For a company to go out and hire what we like to call “Bob in the basement” is crazy in this day in age. Let me ask you would a company today hire there nephew to draw a picture for their next direct mailing campaign not likely? It is not as simple as putting up a website and there you go traffic flocks to your site brings you leads and instant success.

Social media, mobile marketing and the ever changing digital landscape you really need not just a computer and some technical experience you need a proven system and a base of knowledge and resources behind you.

Even many companies in the traditional advertising space are looking for ways to bolt on digital services as a way to keep up with client needs, capture bigger ticket clients and increase revenues.


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