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Posted by trinda On May - 29 - 2011

In these tough economic times many business owners are looking for ways to reduce cost and improve productivity. The marketing budget is one that is looked at very carefully and although it is often targeted for reductions there may be ways of finding more cost effective ways to spread your message. Viral marketing relies on individuals to pass your message on for you, and once a campaign takes hold the word can spread very quickly indeed.

There is a potential drawback in that you are no longer in control of how the message is shared once the viral activity begins, but if you are aware of this, when you prepare your message you should not compromise your brand. Consider how the message may be perceived and make it easy to pass on for the best results.

The main things to consider when preparing your campaign are:

1. What will make your campaign interesting and original?

2. Who is your target audience and what are they interested in?

3. What can you offer that will incentivize them to pass your message along to others?

4. Try to make your message stand out and be thought provoking or funny.

5. Offer a compelling reason to have it passed on to others.

Each type of campaign has benefits and possible draw backs but think the ideas through and anticipate people’s reaction to the message.

Once the plan is in place you need to spread the word! Online video can be particularly effective, but also consider email newsletters; they are easily passed on. The reason most are not passed on is often because there is no incentive provided for the recipient to do so. Try creating a competition on Twitter or running a quiz with all correct entries qualifying to take part in a draw for a free iPad, or offer the draw for everyone that passes your message on, it is easy to track this sort of thing on Twitter.

The aim should be to have a catchy title to get everyone’s attention then make it easy and compelling to share, remember to measure your results, so that you can improve it next time. Viral marketing can be challenging to get off the ground, but once you get started, the resulting customer activity is well worth the effort.

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