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Entrepreneurs and small businesses have an advantage over medium to larger sized businesses. They are flexible, fast and they can usually make quick decisions without the bureaucracy that many larger companies suffer from.

This ability to take action and make decisions is what makes blogging work so well for small-sized businesses. Blogging is a powerful way for a small-sized business to interact and reach potential customers.

Why should businesses be blogging?

Low cost: Blogs can offer a low-cost way for businesses to get a presence online socially. Most small businesses do have a website or some sort of online presence. The problem they have is there website is usually not kept update and becomes very stale. Blogs allows a business to create an online presence that is much easier to be kept up to date with fresh content.

Content is king: The focus of a blog should always be about the message and not the flashy design. Blogs are about reaching targeted audiences with a message that they will find interesting and useful. It could be about opinions, news, FAQ’s, the latest industry trends or just simple how to advice.

Blogs are fast: Blogs broadcast new content via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) across the web. This is exactly the same technology that allows news stories to be published and found within minutes of a news story breaking. Normal websites wait for the search engine spiders to discover their content while blogs broadcasts their message actively.

Optimization: By adding a Blog to your business website it can help to improve the overall organic search engine rankings for your website. All you have to do is write blog posts with keyword rich content.

People still read blogs; you are basically reading one right at this moment. Blogging is an excellent method to grow your small business.

If your company needs a Blog than please email and we would be happy to arrange for a franchisee to call you

If you are a business or an individual looking to add a business to your current business or start a business you can request further information here

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