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Across the globe, post-recession recovery is on everyone’s mind and our WSI Internet Franchise is no exception. In our attempt to stimulate the less-than-ideal American economy, we’ve launched our Investing in America Program, which works to recruit those who may not necessarily have the deepest pockets, but still possess the drive and tenacity we’re looking for in a WSI franchisee. More specifically, this program was designed particularly for US-based young entrepreneurs and military veterans for a much lower upfront cost.

It’s an exclusive offer for individuals who we know can thrive in a proven system like WSI’s. We’re targeting a group who innately demonstrates leadership and drive. And the reason we’re so confident in this, is that we already have numerous franchisees that fit the bill and have already surpassed everyone’s expectations by this economy’s standards! (See: “WSI Consultant Andrew Nguyen, Featured in Dallas Morning News,” and read about his 300% revenue increase.)

This program is perfect for today’s slow economy; in fact it was highlighted in the October Issue of IndUS Business Journal, where Rhonda Sanderson discusses how “Franchising will help to boost economic recovery.”

Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

While some franchisors are reinvesting in their franchisees as a way to stimulate the economy, others are offering discounts towards initial investment costs and royalty fees. The digital marketing firm WSI, for example, just launched its Investing in America Program—an initiative aimed to give back to the community and help re-build the U.S. economy after the recession. Through this program, WSI will be offering U.S.-based young entrepreneurs and military veterans the opportunity to invest in the franchise for a 50 percent discounted franchisee fee.

Read the entire article here.

If you are a young entrepreneur or a military veteran, visit our site to learn more about the lower upfront cost of acquiring a WSI Internet franchise through the Investing in America Program.

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