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The Internet Made Simple

Posted by trinda On October - 7 - 2011

When you own a WSI franchise, you have a job description that says “simplify the Internet.”

The web is huge. Every country on earth, nearly every city in the world, and billions of people are connected to this phenomenon. New York has been called “the city that never sleeps,” but even NYC can’t quite match the constantly evolving, always-on, full-speed process that is the Web. As one set of users goes to sleep, another wakes up halfway across the world, so is it any wonder that with a system in which there is never any downtime, things get kind of complicated?

A lot of people use the Internet, but that doesn’t mean they all understand it.

The most that the average user experiences of the Web is the front-end user interface. Those trying to start a business with an online component are generally clueless about the stuff that lies underneath this upper layer of the Internet such as web analytics, site traffic and other factors driving responses.

That’s where your services as a digital marketing expert comes in.

You aren’t just there to give the customer a neat package offer; you’re helping them to make sense of the very complicated engine of parts that is the web. You will give them an understanding of how these back-end factors can affect their business and, moreover, how they can be used to make their business stand out.

A lot more gets accomplished with a division of labor, when one person does one thing and someone else does another thing. You’ll accomplish the task of making the Internet simple and accessible for your clients, while they focus on what they wanted to in the first place — managing their business.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s market place is that businesses understand they need something but don’t know what that something is. A business owner who specializes in paving driveways has no idea in general about marketing especially internet marketing. The go day to day spending money on traditional advertising because this is how they have always done business. A lot of what are franchisees do is educate. You become there trusted business advisor.

If you are considering a transition from your current position,  looking to leave a position or finding yourself not  able to find your next position perhaps a franchise might be next step to help you achieve your goals . If you would like to arrange an initial consultation please complete the information in the link or reach me directly at or request further information here:

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