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So you Want to Build Websites

Posted by trinda On March - 12 - 2013

So you Want to Build Websites

Although a website solution is still a crucial part of an overall marketing strategy it is important to understand that it is only 1 piece of an entire puzzle. If you are putting together a puzzle and you have a cute puppy but all we can see is the puppy’s tail your picture is not complete. Social media, mobile marketing, SEO, PPC, content and the list goes on is all part of making that puzzle a complete picture.

Another piece to that puzzle is driving customers into store locations . A February 2013 report by the CMO Council and Balihoo found that local marketing is increasingly happening at the digital level, with the greatest percentage of respondents (27%) reporting that increasing digital investment was the biggest change in their local marketing strategy in the past year.

Websites still remain the primary means brand marketers have to engage customers locally, with 86% citing there corporate site as part of their overall local marketing strategy. About half of those surveyed also used corporate social media outreach to engage consumers . By contrast, only one-third of brand marketers reported maintaining a local website, and even fewer, 27%, operated local social pages. This certainly shows there is an ever increasing opportunity in the digital space.

The biggest challenge that business owners still have is understanding what all of this means, how there customers are looking for them and how they can outsmart the competition. At one point that competition use to only be XYZ corporation down the street but with the internet now global businesses need to  factor into that equation.

In recent years many people thought they would like to capitalize on the huge opportunity that the internet has to offer but have maybe not been so successful. The key to having success in this digital landscape is to have a proven system, a solid network and a way to continually learn.


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