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Return on Investment in Franchising

Posted by trinda On April - 22 - 2013

Return on Investment in Franchising

ROI can refer to more than simply the money , although that is definitely a big part of it. Time is a particularly hefty investment in any business, and anyone who’s even considered the process knows that the time you invest into your business can sometimes take you right past normal business hours. When someone is looking at self employment they need to understand and keep in mind that when starting a business from scratch the ROI will take quite some time and the time invested will be a lot as there is no proven system established.

The strength of a franchise is that a lot of the leg work that goes into start-up has already been done. I franchisor has looked into the market, and has done the market testing and discovered the strategies and best practices. Franchisees don’t have to invest valuable time into researching their demographics, lead generation strategies or in creating advertising material — the franchisor has handled that part, so franchisees can focus on following the system, building a business with a proven model and creating revenue.

Franchising = Operating at a Profit

In a global downturn of big business, the smaller business owner is well-placed to take advantage and grow there own organization effectively, and the ROI is there, just waiting for discovery.

Every franchise, just like any small business, requires an investment to get moving. However, unlike most small businesses, a major portion of franchisees seem to operate at a profit. The reason for this is that a franchise is not an untested venture. Franchises have training and tools to help you get started, reducing the amount of set-up time to an effective, well-tested minimum that gets you right to doing what you do best — running your business. On top of that, the market is wide open for franchises, with the vast majority operating at a profit every year.

WSI wants to help you tap into this market and to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

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