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Is Owning a Business Right For You? Take a short cut to Success Today’s businessmen might be asking, “Why a franchise?” What is it about a franchise that makes it such a consistently successful mode of operation for new business owners? The truth is that franchising has some distinct advantages which allow franchise owners to compete on much stronger ground than they would when starting a business from scratch. Here are three reasons any businessman can say “yes” when asked “Is franchising... (more...)

Your office desk doesn’t look the same as it did 5 years ago so why do you? It is important to realize that as consumers and marketing around you changes you need to change with it. As a business owner it use to be true that if you continued to do the same thing over and over you would get the same results. With technology today and the speed in which we change if you now continue to do the same thing over and over you may not be in business in 5 years. Many companies already have or are in... (more...)

Traditional Goes Digital

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Edigaralde Cmasociados is a traditional marketing  agency in Ecuador and as times have changed in traditional advertising they saw a need to change and integrate traditional advertising and digital advertising to better service there clients. After learning about the WSI franchise opportunity and being awarded a franchise they bolted the WSI franchise on their existing business to be able to service their client’s digital needs and as a way to drive new business to their existing business and... (more...)

Online retail sales are expected to grow by 95% in the UAE over the next five years, according to Euromonitor International. The research shows rocketing sales online will be driven by consumers becoming more sophisticated and confident with online purchases in the UAE. Internet retailing in the UAE will benefit from a “surge in consumer enthusiasm and confidence” to 2018, Euromonitor said. “With Internet users in the Arab world tipped to reach over 170 million by 2016, Internet... (more...)

Happiness Overrated

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Happiness Overrated OK, now that I have your attention I know we all want to be happy and it is definitely not overrated. The question is how do we get it? To have a happy fulfilling life means different things for different people but in general, I really believe there are a few keys ingredients to bake the perfect cake Remember that nothing in life is permanent. Some things may be a little harder to undo but think of it like painting a room. You come home after fishing for a weekend with the guys... (more...)

Mobile Marketing. Are you In or Out?

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SmartPhone’s Take the Lead According to a recent eMarketer article and study done by comSource Smartphone’s have become the mobile choice by Canadians and 15% of users make on-line purchases using there Smartphone. Ontario is the leading region accounting for 41% of that market. Surprising to some teenagers ranging in age from 13 to 17 only account for 7% of those mobile users. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. The new world consists of buzz words like... (more...)

Demand for Digital Grows in the UK

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Demand for Digital Grows in the UK According to eMarketer’s latest report the on-line retail category has been a big winner in the UK since early eCommerce days and only continues to grow despite economic concerns. eMarketer estimates that total UK B2C eCommerce sales will grow 13.4% this year, to reach $141.5 billion. The biggest driver of on-line retail sales growth will come from the baby boomer generation. The number of on-line buyers in this age group will continue to grow through... (more...)

Market Opens in India

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Market Opens in India India has over 150 million Internet users and by 2015 the ecommerce industry will represent 40 billion dollars; this represents a huge opportunity in digital marketing. Just as WSI has expanded into markets like Egypt, South Africa, Brazil and many others we see the market in India as really having an untapped opportunity. As we open WSI to the Indian market with a master franchisee we have reduced the franchise fee to 29,700 USD for the first 5 franchise units successfully... (more...)

Google and Facebook Speaking in Paris

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Google and Facebook Speaking in Paris Excellence and Innovation is under way in Paris. Doug Schust WSI president delivered a powerful opening address before handing the stage over to Google , Acquisio and tomorrow to Facebook. WSI franchisees from around the world have gathered together in Paris at the annual Excellence and Innovation Conference to listen to the likes of Google, Facebook, Acquisio and other WSI partners and suppliers. As always the event is jammed packed with new technologies,... (more...)

Start Following Your Dreams

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Start Following Your Dreams Do you have a dream, a passion, or a desire to quit your day job and own your own business the only way to fill that void is like Nike says “Just Do It”.  A dream can only take you so far, and there comes a time when the thinking is over and you simply have to move forward and make a decision. The only way to get past the “What If” questions is to make a leap of faith in yourself. Now, I am not saying going out and buy a business today as you do want to... (more...)

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