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Investing in America Program Comes to an End

Posted by trinda On July - 19 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

We have awarded several franchises to Veterans who have shown there ability to follow a system, to develop long term relationships, who have shown us  they have the  passion and desire to have more control and flexibility in owning their own business. Even through the Investing in America Program has come to an end we still continue to be a member of VetFran and do offer Veterans who qualify a 10% discount on the franchise investment. To qualify for this program you must be able to produce a... (more...)

Why Become a WSI Internet Franchise Owner?

Posted by trinda On July - 19 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

As we watched our franchisees continue to prosper in the most difficult times, we have also noticed all those individuals who had been displaced due to the recession. And, understandably, these individuals all made the decision that they would not let this happen to them again. They decided that they were going to take control and start something for themselves. These men and women had come from enviable backgrounds and were looking for something that would allow them to continue to work in a white... (more...)

How to Make Money from my Existing Clients

Posted by trinda On July - 12 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Many businesses today are finding themselves caught in an ever changing market, clients that demand additional services, technologies that have gone beyond our expectations and a market where businesses are looking to spend less but get more. If you are looking to capitalize on this market and increase the revenues in your business you need to look at your current client base and what their needs are.  If you tap into your existing client base you won’t have the need to support a larger client... (more...)

Franchising A Fast Path to Success

Posted by trinda On July - 10 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Recently one of WSI’s franchisees – Walter Meade – was featured in Hispanic Today, a digital magazine highlighting successful Hispanics and their rise in the business world. In the article “Franchising: A Fast Path to Success?”, Walter – a WSI Internet Franchisee based in Mexicali, Mexico – discusses his path of investing in a WSI digital marketing business opportunity and attributed much of his lucrative success as a franchisee to his previous careers.  Like so many other professionals... (more...)

 As usual, it’s great to see WSI Consultants getting some recognition from their local communities. The Lockport Union – Sun & Journal, which serves the residents of Lockport, New York, featured an article showcasing WSI Internet franchisees Larry and Lisa Patrick. Entitled “A Home for Internet Marketing,” it covers their background in delivering online business solutions and the tremendous growth and opportunity  it’s generated for their franchise…all from the comfort of their... (more...)

Entrepreneurs and small businesses have an advantage over medium to larger sized businesses. They are flexible, fast and they can usually make quick decisions without the bureaucracy that many larger companies suffer from. This ability to take action and make decisions is what makes blogging work so well for small-sized businesses. Blogging is a powerful way for a small-sized business to interact and reach potential customers. Why should businesses be blogging? Low cost: Blogs can offer a low-cost... (more...)

Leaving a job to start your own business is certainly a big decision. Many years ago you could say that you were choosing personal freedom and control over the security of a job. Today I would certainly say that job security and less than reliable. Many tend to wait for starting a business until they are forced by unemployment or a layoff. Ideally it would much easier to start a business on your own terms and perhaps transition from a current position into your own business. This may take more time... (more...)

From Community Banker to Business Owner

Posted by trinda On June - 20 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Eric Cook , a WSI Franchisee out of Battle Creek Michigan featured in San Francisco Business Times Cook left the banking industry for a completely new career, but he has utilized his banking experience in his WSI franchise. Cook spent 15 years as a community banker in Michigan before leaving his position as regional president. Now, Cook is an Internet marketing consultant, using his industry knowledge to help other banks with their online presence. Since 2007,... (more...)

Learn How to Monetize the Fastest Growing Social Network  Mobile Marketing has companies turning their heads realizing the value of a mobile ready site. Unfortunately not all companies realize this value not because they don’t want to but they are not educated. There are more than 100 million active user’s current accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook on their mobile phone are twice as active on Facebook as people who do not access Facebook through their mobile. The... (more...)

Corporate Job or Business Owner?

Posted by trinda On June - 16 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

In being with WSI almost 10 years now I have certainly seen a lot of changes not only in our business but also in the markets around the world. Many people we speak with today have been laid off from their job and are looking for the next step, the next challenge in life. Interestingly enough though not everyone is looking to build an empire some franchisees are just looking to replace a salary they once had and have more control over their time. Layoffs, running out of severance pay and digging... (more...)

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