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Build your customer database using proven Digital Marketing tactics like PPC and SEO.
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Demonstrate your industry expertise to your customer using Social Media.
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Engage your customers with Email Marketing and increase your customer loyalty.

Google is investing a lot of time and efforts into mobile search. Yes, this means when you Google something on your mobile it will give different search results than when you Google from a PC. That means that the“regular search engine optimization tricks” you use on your  web site won’t necessarily work on mobile.

Then the number of web searches performed from mobile devices per month is approximately 20.7 billion. 690 million searches per day, 29 million per hour. These numbers are probably very conservative, knowing that Mobile search is growing faster than search from desktop computers!

It goes without saying that your company being visible in search results on a mobile device is that much more important. More and more end users are reaching out to you online and are doing it using a mobile phone.

According to Google and a recent study “The mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” (*), 81% browse the Internet, 77% search, 68% use an app, and 48% watch videos on their Smartphone.

Google found that only 21% of Google’s largest advertisers have a website that is optimized for mobile. That’s 79% serving up a less than an ideal experience for their mobile customers. Small and medium sized companies are still in great need of education.

Most advertisers on Google do not have a mobile ready user experience and are missing out on this huge opportunity

In today’s world and with the simplicity of a smart phone if you are not reaching out to your customers then your competition is.

If you are a business looking to offer these services to your clients or an individual looking to start a business in the fastest growing industry in the world please complete this form to learn more

If you would like to have one of our franchisees educate you about mobile marketing and what it can do for your business please send me an email and I will be sure to put you in touch with a local franchisee. Trinda Tresham

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