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Is Owning a Business Right For You? Take a short cut to Success

Today’s businessmen might be asking, “Why a franchise?” What is it about a franchise that makes it such a consistently successful mode of operation for new business owners? The truth is that franchising has some distinct advantages which allow franchise owners to compete on much stronger ground than they would when starting a business from scratch.

Here are three reasons any businessman can say “yes” when asked “Is franchising right for you?”

Instant Creditability : Each WSI franchise is an extension of the existing WSI brand. When a new franchisee is ready to open there franchise, the brand has already been established. Imagine the power of walking into a business your first day in operation and being able to show industry specific examples. Let’s say your potential client is a dentist and you show them 4 or 5 examples of solutions we have already produced in the dental industry. We show them the challenges the company had, what we did and the end results. Anything we have done as a global company in 80 countries our experience and creditability becomes yours from day one. In a start up business this creditability is hard to build and takes time which means longer to see revenue in the business.

Training and Support: Within the WSI Internet Franchise we provide on-going training and support to our franchise consultants. As a franchisee you don’t have to figure out what is next or relevant to your clients as that is part of the ongoing training and support. WSI provides ongoing support and training through regular webinars, annual conferences, regionalized trainings and end client education to name a few. We also leverage WSI’s eMarketplace of proven, qualified production centres and suppliers around the world. This provides a short cut to success.

Collaborative Network: In business for yourself but not by yourself. A small business trying to purchase supplies, be they physical supplies or web space, can only command so much attention from their vendor of choice. A WSI franchisee, on the other hand, is backed by a powerful global supply chain of qualified production centres and suppliers around the world. A franchisor has the ability to negotiate on the franchisees’ behalf and bring prices down, giving big-name support while allowing the franchisee the freedom to operate the business with their own managing style. Our franchisees collaborate on a global scale to bring together skills and knowledge often partner on very large projects leveraging each other’s expertise and knowledge and sharing revenue.

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