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Investments into Mobile Marketing Explodes

Posted by trinda On February - 5 - 2013

Investments into Mobile Marketing Explodes : Retailers expected to invest $55B annually in mobile by 2015

Retailers will significantly increase their mobile marketing spend over the next few years due in large part to coupons and advertising, according to a new study from Juniper Research.

In Juniper’s “Retail mCommerce: Mobile & Tablet Marketing, Advertising & Coupon Strategies 2013-2017” report, they look at how retailers increase their mobile initiatives to drive more in-store traffic and on-line sales over the next few years.

“Mass smartphone and tablet adoption amongst end users leading to a surge in mobile and nomadic browsing, the development of mobile and couch commerce, the attendant decline in circulation of newspapers and many magazines and leading brands seeking out new ways of engaging with consumers — these are all factors which, in isolation or combination, mean that including mobile as a marketing channel is absolutely critical for brands and retailers,” he said.

It’s Time to Invest in mobile
The $55 billion annual spend in 2015 almost doubles the spend that marketers are expected to invest in mobile this year.

Retailers  use mobile for everything from helping consumers discover new products to driving both on-line and in-store sales via a mobile point-of-sale.

However,  retailers should be looking at mobile coupons to do more than to simply drive there sales. When used with personalized messaging, mobile coupons help retailers establish closer one-on-one relationships with shoppers to drive repeat business.

Although mobile spend is continuing to rise there is still a very large portion of the retail businesses or even businesses in general that have no idea what mobile is or how it is relevant to their business. There is still a large gap in education to business as they still try to understand and grasp how this is relevant to there business.

Mobile Advertising 

The goal behind brand advertising is to expose a consumer to a retailer with hopes that the brand stays in the fore front and will lead to a future sale.

As retailers become better educated with mobile, it is expected that more retailers will swing to more location-based advertising to tap into this opportunity.

Three areas – North America, Latin America and Western Europe – will control the largest percentage of mobile marketing spend.



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