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Consumers have limits on what they want to see from brands on social networks

According to E-marketer this year more than half of the population in Australia will be social network users.. According to a December 2012 survey from Latitude Insights and The Social Hatch, 82% of social media users had connected with a brand via a social site. On Facebook alone, nearly three out of 10 users reported connecting with 11 or more brands.

Users everywhere often connect with brands on social to get discounts and promotions. And in Australia that certainly holds true.

The responses shows that while offering discounts is certainly popular with social media users, there are plenty of other ways to get consumers’ attention and forge new connections.

Social media users know how to curate their connections and are sensitive to feeds overwhelmed by unwanted content. The takeaway is to create relevant and interesting content that keeps users engaged.

Social Media plays a big part in engaging users in your brand and allowing them to validate or research a product or service.

If you have considered being in business for yourself digital marketing is a continually growing market and companies need an educated and well informed digital marketer.

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