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How to Make Money from my Existing Clients

Posted by trinda On July - 12 - 2011

Many businesses today are finding themselves caught in an ever changing market, clients that demand additional services, technologies that have gone beyond our expectations and a market where businesses are looking to spend less but get more.

If you are looking to capitalize on this market and increase the revenues in your business you need to look at your current client base and what their needs are.  If you tap into your existing client base you won’t have the need to support a larger client base or find new customers.

If you would like to explore this further

The idea of selling to the same clients over and over again is everyone business owners dream but few businesses today have achieved this.

Think of it like McDonalds “Would you like fries with that “or “would you like to up size your fries or drink” there are always add on services you can offer your clients. To use another example if you are a business that provides printing services for your clients the option to cross sell is great with internet solutions as this would compliment your existing services and fill a need for the client. Remember if you are not providing these services to your client then someone else is.

True wealth can be achieved by taking or creating opportunities as they present themselves. Many times the lack of decision or direction supported by the unwillingness to implement new solutions or meet the changing needs of your clients can result in failure, sometimes closure but certainly missed opportunities for revenue.

Building multiple or new revenue streams in businesses can sometimes be difficult if you are not set up for it, prepared to support it or willing to embrace it. If you keep focused on the goal of creating further wealth in your business then you just need to look at the options that can best help you to do this and find your path to achieve success.

  • Hire additional staff to meet these needs
  • Bolt on another business to your business so the hard work is already done and existing systems can be used
  • Or partner with an outside service

Whatever options you choose for your business remember that you can’t expect to continue to do the same thing over and over and achieve different results. If you would like to explore this further


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