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From Agency to Empire

Posted by trinda On January - 8 - 2013

From Boutique Agency to Empire

In a matter of very few years, the Internet has consolidated itself as a very powerful platform that has forever changed the way we do business and the way we communicate. The Internet, as no other communication medium, has given a Globalized dimension to the world. It has become the Universal source of information for millions of people in every part of their day and has made distances shorter and the world smaller.

In the past 12+ years marketing has been reinvented. It’s hard to believe that today there are still many advertising agencies, marketing companies, printers, publishers and designers who are still trying to figure it out.  It‘s a crazy concept to think that as a business owner you know all your clients need digital marketing, social media and mobile and yet you don’t expand your service offerings. How much money are you losing? Better yet, how long will your clients stay with you when you can’t deliver on their needs and are still cooking up the brontosaurus bones?

OK,  so agencies and alike are not completely to blame as the world of digital is very confusing: do you hire, do you outsource, what do you offer, what do you change and so on.

To scale your business much quicker you either have to automate what it is you are doing , expand or you have to outsource.

Each of these areas has their own challenges and that is where it has become confusing.

If you automate you may become more efficient but you still may not be able to deliver on your clients’ needs. Now that you have automated, you have to either expand or outsource.

So to expand usually means to hire. And to hire means additional staff and salaries. If you only want to offer your clients web development, you hire a developer (techie) and they build solutions one by one for your clients. In turn the cost is high, it takes a long time to produce and then we have the challenge that a technical person is not a marketer and a website is for marketing? Now how about mobile marketing, social media, PPC, SEO and the list goes on. Do you hire someone for each task because each task on its own is a unique skill set knowledge and ongoing education?

I think you get the point. Let’s look to outsourcing. This has certainly become a common option but also a nightmare in a lot of cases because now they are working for you, not with you. They don’t have the same vested interest in your business, profit margins become further decreased, delivery time may not be reliable. Do they have marketing experience? How do they keep up to date on what’s hot? How do you delver information to them and how does that get translated from the customer. Very few businesses are able to make this work because it’s hard to find someone that cares as much about your client as you do and when you outsource you now rest the entire process into another business’s hands. Or even worse, an individual who claims to be an expert with very little control. Don’t get me wrong this can be very effective but can also be very damaging to your business.

So as a business owner how do you take your boutique business and build it from 2, 4, 7 even 15 staff into a one stop shop and empire you can look down on and one day pass on to your kids or sell and retire to the Bahamas.

I do happen to have one solution to this problem which is WSI. WSI is the #1 Internet marketing franchise in the world. We have over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries and we have formed partnerships with major organizations around the world such as Google and BDO. How is this going to help you?

We have been approached over the last several years by many printing companies, advertising agencies, brokers, designers and businesses that have taken our proven franchise model and bolted it on to their existing business. In fact you can be that one stop shop, be the expert and stop serving up brontosaurus bones for less than the cost of one salary.

If you want to expand your services, increase your revenue, target larger ticket brands, create a residual and reoccurring revenue and go from independent to empire maybe this is an option that may fit your business. To learn more

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