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Posted by adminme On September - 7 - 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about WSI:

1. What does a WSI franchisee do?

A WSI franchisee helps small and medium-sized businesses to cut costs and increase revenues through use of technology. That may be by providing a website solution, social media, mobile marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, e-learning or really any needs a business may have our franchisees provide a one stop shop for all their business needs. A WSI franchisee becomes a business’s lead generation engine.

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2. How does a franchisee provide these solutions to the business?

A WSI franchisee does not need to be technical as we have a global e-marketplace infrastructure that will take care of the technical aspects for you. After all technology changes at the speed of light and it is impossible for one person to be the expert at everything.

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3. Who makes a successful franchisee?

We have franchisees in over 80 countries around the world. Our franchisees come from all walks of life whither it be a military background, senior management at many major corporate brands, lawyers, accountants, business owners, real estate agents, doctors any vertical you can think of we likely have someone around the world.

One thing our franchisees all have in common is the passion to want to make a difference, the ability to build a relationship, the knowledge to understand that sometimes it is a lot easier to not reinvent the wheel and a true desire to be their own boss or service their existing customers more efficiently and with leading edge technologies.

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4. How do a learn more about WSI and if this business is the right fit for me and if I am the right fit for WSI?

What we have in place is a selection process that will give you a 360 degree evaluation of the business opportunity. The selection process is designed to help you to learn about WSI and us to learn about so we can mutually determine if WSI can help you to achieve your goals whither it be personal goals, business goals, financial goals or family goals.

The first step in the process would be to arrange a time for us to speak. During this call we would be discussing what it is our franchisees do, revenue streams, training and support, success of franchisees and of course getting to know a bit about you so we can mutually determine if it makes sense for us to continue in our selection process and explore if WSI is mutually the right fit.

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