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Doing Business in Uncertain Times

Posted by trinda On May - 4 - 2011

Jobs today are scare and many executives spend months and months only to find no one wants to pay them what they are worth and that there a fewer than ever opportunities out there.

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This brings someone to a cross road to do one of three things:

1 Keep looking

2 Retire

3 Start their own business

These three options are very different and one needs to really look at what their expectations are. Whatever it is you choose to do you need to make sure that it is going to help you to reach you goals family, financial and business.

When looking at businesses you need to take a few things into consideration:

1 Do I start my own business and figure out how to build the business systems and processes myself

2 Do I purchase an existing business such as a restaurant or retail location

3 Do I look at a franchise which already has a proven system that I can follow

For someone who is more creative/entrepreneur  and wants to build a business from the ground up developing marketing strategies, business strategies, a business model, building a client base starting their own business maybe more appealing.

For someone who wants a fixed location that is already there then purchasing an existing business maybe the way to go but of course this leaves the questions that if the business is successful and profitable then why are they selling it?

And for someone looking to take their past business experience, skills and relations they have built over the years and put them into a working business model without having to reinvent the wheel and figure things out a franchise may be a good option.

Regardless of which of these is you it is also important to look at the market itself and what opportunities or needs exist in today’s market.

It is well known that many economies around the world have been hit hard by recent economic downfalls but that does not mean that every industry has been hit the same. Think for a minute about what happens in times like these….

Businesses  can’t stop doing sales or they will no longer be in business in fact the exact opposite happens they need to work even harder to find new customers, to keep the ones they have, to stand out more from their competition. Today the most effective and inexpensive way to do business is through the internet; online media, being visual to their customers, social media and speaking to the customers where they are looking for information.

Ask yourself a few questions:

1 Can you see yourself in a consulting business?

2 Do you want a business that has long term relations and residual revenues?

3 Can you follow a proven system?

4 Do you like to continually learn?

If you have answered yes to at least 3 of these questions maybe it is time that we spoke to determine if the WSI Franchise is the right fit for you and if you are the right fit for us.

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