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Do you want to Quit your Day Job?

Posted by trinda On June - 19 - 2015

Do you want to Quit your Day Job?

What defines a good business Owner?

Attitude: 60% –Winston Churchill said: “Never, ever, ever, ever give up.” If you really believe in what you’re doing, your passionate and you truly want it you can achieve it. Settle in and mentally prepare yourself to work. Overall positive attitude is the deciding factor in the success of your business. Attitude is what separates very successful people.

Network: 20% –The relationships that you develop and maintain over the years matter a lot. Ask the people you want to access how you can help them. That will open up far more doors for you, if you lead with “how can I help you?” Not everyone has a network and if this is the case you will need some support and guidance in creating one a franchise may offer a good way to do this as there is already a proven system in place.

Skills: 20% –Anyone can learn the capabilities of the business if they truly want it, pedal to the metal. You have to want it. If you are not someone who wants to create something for themselves then perhaps other business options are more feasible such as buying an existing business or buying a franchise.

So do you quit your day job and follow your dreams only you know the answer to that. 


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