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Mobile Marketing: Why Your Business needs to understand it

Posted by trinda On June - 15 - 2011

Google is investing a lot of time and efforts into mobile search. Yes, this means when you Google something on your mobile it will give different search results than when you Google from a PC. That means that the“regular search engine optimization tricks” you use on your  web site won’t necessarily work on mobile.

Then the number of web searches performed from mobile devices per month is approximately 20.7 billion. 690 million searches per day, 29 million per hour. These numbers are probably very conservative, knowing that Mobile search is growing faster than search from desktop computers!

It goes without saying that your company being visible in search results on a mobile device is that much more important. More and more end users are reaching out to you online and are doing it using a mobile phone.

According to Google and a recent study “The mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” (*), 81% browse the Internet, 77% search, 68% use an app, and 48% watch videos on their Smartphone.

Google found that only 21% of Google’s largest advertisers have a website that is optimized for mobile. That’s 79% serving up a less than an ideal experience for their mobile customers. Small and medium sized companies are still in great need of education.

Most advertisers on Google do not have a mobile ready user experience and are missing out on this huge opportunity

In today’s world and with the simplicity of a smart phone if you are not reaching out to your customers then your competition is.

If you are a business looking to offer these services to your clients or an individual looking to start a business in the fastest growing industry in the world please complete this form to learn more

If you would like to have one of our franchisees educate you about mobile marketing and what it can do for your business please send me an email and I will be sure to put you in touch with a local franchisee. Trinda Tresham

Don’t let the “S” in SEO stand for Sucker

Posted by trinda On June - 11 - 2011

Chuck Bankoff WSI Franchisee explains how he helped his Attorney friend generate leads

A personal friend of mine…an attorney, told me that he contracted with a search engine optimization company, (let’s call them the “Mellow” Pages) because they claimed to specialize in search engine optimization for personal injury attorneys.

$6,000 later he was asking me why he was getting top rankings on the search results pages, but no additional business.

It didn’t take a forensic pathologist to unravel this mystery. After reviewing the keyword phrases that he contracted for verses the actual results, it was evident that he was simply the victim of a classic bait and switch.

Let me emphasize that my attorney friend…a VERY intelligent guy and a top attorney had absolutely no reason to suspect what would be painfully obvious to an Internet Marketing specialist.  He is a very competent attorney…not a digital marketing professional.

Here is how it went down.

He contracted for the following phrases:

  • Accident Attorney Irvine
  • Car Accident Lawyer Irvine
  • Car Accident Lawyers Irvine
  • Car Accident Attorney Irvine
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Irvine

Here are the keyword phrases that were actually optimized:

  • Accident Attorney Irvine California
  • Car Accident Lawyer Irvine California
  • Car Accident Lawyers Irvine California
  • Car Accident Attorney Irvine California
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Irvine California

Did you notice the difference? Simply by adding one more word (California) to an otherwise legitimate long tail keyword phrase, it turned a very competitive, highly searched on phrase into something easily achievable, but with no discernible ROI.

Let’s take a look at his actual results:

Notice that virtually each phrase with the word “California” at the end of it ranks higher than the same phrase without the State name. Why is that?

Well, by simply searching on both phrases in Google and comparing the amount of search results, I could quickly see that the phrase “car accident attorney irvine California” was approximately 370% less competitive than the version without the word “California” tagged onto the end.

Is that a good thing? Actually your SEO consultant should be looking for less competitive words; that is an essential ingredient to good keyword selection. However those less competitive phrases must also represent a fair amount of searches. At the end of the day I would rather show up for 20% of a thousand searches than zero percent of a Million searches.

If the research showed that by adding the State name at the end of all those phrases resulted in reduced, but significant traffic, then it would have been a sound strategy. In this case people who live in Irvine rarely search on a phrase like “car accident lawyer Irvine California”, however they do search on a phrase like “car accident lawyer Irvine”. The “Mellow” pages simply made it easy on themselves at the expense of their client.

Let’s put this into perspective; every successful business person is good at what they do. There is no reason for anyone to be good in an entirely different industry like digital marketing. I would never review my own contracts, or do my own accounting. Why would I expect a lawyer to be able to interpret the results of a search engine optimization campaign?

So how do you safeguard against unscrupulous Internet marketing practitioners?

The same way you would when referencing any company or individual; “Reputation Management”. My best advice is to simply search on: “reviews” + “the individual you are working with” to see what other folks have to say about their experience with that SEO specialist you are considering.

Remember, ethics and skills are mutually exclusive. My instincts tell me that the “Mellow” Pages should have been more trustworthy and accountable, but that was clearly not the case.

If  you want to learn more about adding WSI to your Business or becoming a WSI Franchisee please request information here:

Business Networking

Posted by trinda On June - 10 - 2011

If you want to start to grow your business you are going to need to network. Business networking can range from online virtual social networks such as FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter or face to face meetings.

What you need to determine is what is going to work best for you based on your business, who your clients are and your own personal strengths.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking social networking is all about telling the world what you had for lunch or posting pictures of your kids birthday party. Just the opposite: Social networking has really reached a tipping point. It’s transforming the way executives gather information, inform, negotiate, motivate, inspire, instruct, forecast, and sell. It lets executives be here, there, and everywhere, 24/7, and at little or no cost.

Social networking is a great way to generate leads and speak to a large audience especially for someone who may not be so comfortable doing a presentation for a group.

You also will need to look at who you are approaching and who your client is as this in the end will determine your overall success:

  1. Baby boomers: The baby boomers is in their 50′s and 60′s and will usually always prefer face to face meetings. They are usually less comfortable with online communication and they like to interact verbally and when possible, in person.
  2. Generation X: These are people in their 30′s and 40′s and they tend to be more comfortable with technology and the online world. They usually prefer to keeping it simple and they are very likely to be using LinkedIn and other professional social networking tools.
  3. Generation Y: The Generation Y crowd is in their teens and 20′s and they are the most comfortable in using all forms of technology because they have grown up with all the latest technology trends. They know what they want and they will come and find you. They also usually have good presence on FacebookTwitter and other popular social networking tools.

Face to Face networking

Face to face networking includes meetings at your local chamber of commerce or with other organizations like BNI, etc. There’s also a couple of online networking services that will help you to find local group meetings. Many professional associations have terrific opportunities for face to face networking.

Online Networking

The best online networking tools are those that can get you in front of your targeted customers. LinkedIn seems to be the best and most accepted professional business networking tool that is available internationally. Other popular tools includes FacebookTwitter, etc.

To learn more about the best practices for business social networking, visit our blog for more digital marketing tools and techniques!

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are the metrics most indicative of how well your digital marketing campaign is performing. These are the big things that “move the needle”.

For example: if you have a high “Bounce Rate” (visitors come to your website and never go beyond the landing page) that is an indication that there is an issue with the relevance of your landing page to the visitor.

There is no one set of standard KPI’s for every business, it really depends on what your objectives are. For example, if you are in a service related industry, the amount of phone calls generated by your online efforts would be a primary KPI. Digging a little deeper, the length of each phone call would tell you even more. Short phone calls (under a minute) might mean that no one answered the phone and no message was left. Longer phone calls are a good indication of customer engagement.

“Time on Site” is often an indicator of how relevant and engaging your site is. “Pages Visited” may indicate if your sales funnel is set up properly. The impact of any particular KPI may not be readily obvious. It often takes some insight to look past the numbers to find their true meaning.

Key Performance Indicators are somewhat unique to each type of business, and their individual objectives, but here are a few that I consider relatively universal:

Some KPI Definitions

Visit – This is when someone visits one or more of your web pages with 30 min or less time in between page visits.

Visitor – A visitor is a person that visits your website. Visitors can be broken into 3 categories:

1. New Visitor – This is only measured once for visitors who have never been on your website before. It is different than a unique visit because a unique visit is measured over a specific period of time.

2. Repeat/Returning Visitor – This is a person who visits your website two or more times over a given period of time, this is only measured once over that given period of time.

3. Unique Visitor – A unique visitor is a person tat comes to your website for the first time during a specific window of time. Usually daily, weekly or monthly.

Conversion – Conversion is when a visitor or customer completes the action that you want them to take, for instance, making a purchase or filling out a web form.

Examples of Some Key Performance Indicators

General KPI

  • Average Time on Site – This is based on the assumption that if a person searches for a particular keyword or phrase, and they visit a page on your site, if it has relevance to what they were looking for, they will spend more time on that page than if they found information that was not very relevant to their search.
  • Page Views / Visit – This will tell you how many pages a visitor to your website views on each visit. Multiple page visits will affect this multiple times.
  • Page Views / Visitors – This is very similar to page views / visits except that it ignores the amount of visits that a specific visitor makes.
  • New Visitors / Visitors – Measures how many of your visitors are first time visitors; this is good for telling you how many new potential clients/customers are visiting your site.
  • Repeat Visitors / Visitors – Shows you how many of your visitors are returning, therefore showing you the site’s ability to attract visitors or customers back to your web site.

The Importance of KPI – Taking KPI to the Next Level

Developing the best KPI for your Internet marketing goals will allow you to measure how well your different strategies are working to positively affect your business objectives. They can give you a warning sign to let you know what is working and what isn’t working. Once you are able to determine the results from examining your KPI, you can make the important adjustments to fine tune your sites effectiveness.

KPI’s may require more analysis than meets the eye. You might want to enlist the services of a professional digital marketing specialist. Sometimes it’s just a matter of interpreting your current data, and other times actual experiments might need to be setup to measure cause and effect of incremental changes. Professional digital marketing consultants with the right tools can even do a Competitive Analysis on the KPIs of direct competitors in your industry.

For further information about the WSI Opportunity

Digital Marketing Success Story: Wall Street Insititute

Posted by trinda On May - 10 - 2011
The Wall Street Institute started its business of providing English lessons in a very small office in Bogota, Colombia. They quickly decided to have an active online presence, aiming to develop a website, a massive email-based campaign and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

A WSI Consultant based in Colombia developed the entire online campaign and the site for them.

After only 60 days of digital marketing efforts and activities, the Wall Street Institute received a phone call from a very large oil company which employed almost 20,000 people! Wall Street Institute met with the oil company and they were selected to teach English lessons to their large group of employees. With a client of that size and caliber, Wall Street Institute definitely started their business on the right foot.

Wall Street Institute personnel said that if they were planning to pursue an appointment with the management from this oil company before they had established an online presence, they never would have been given the chance to talk. Here, a strong digital marketing strategy undeniably made the difference between a failure and a success story.

WSI Franchisee Chuck Bankoff in California takes pride in helping businesses to generate more revenue and passion in his long term relationship with those clients to continue to guide them in there on line needs.

Chuck ‘s Client ABC Glass and Mirror has recently been feature in They are a family run business that has not only increased their revenue but has even had to hire additional staff to service their new source of revenue.

Like many small businesses, ABC Glass & Mirror, Manassas Park, Va., was looking for an affordable marketing approach in this challenging economic climate. In September 2009, the family business enlisted the help of WSIeWorks, a digital marketing firm in Capistrano Beach, Calif., to make changes to its Web site and Internet marketing plan. Since then, the company has moved quickly up the search engine rankings, increased the number of Web leads it receives, and added staff to accommodate the resulting increase in business.

To Review the entire article please click the link below:

The author is owner of WSIeWorks, a provider of digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Capistrano Beach, Calif., he is also a WSI franchisee . If you are looking for solutions in your business please contact .

Today, the digital world has permeated every aspect of our lives. From the way we spend our time to the way we spend our money, how we do business, how we interact with each other, how people buy from us and how we educate. It’s changed the way we communicate. It’s changed the way we entertain ourselves. And it’s really changed the way we seek and receive information.

This video really helps one to understand the business shift in marketing, business and communications between people and businesses.

embedded by Embedded Video

It’s a highly competitive market; business has no guarantees. Leveraging new technology and tools to diversify your portfolio will help you stay relevant. Equip your business to provide the additional value your clients are looking for.

Businesses in particular need to understand that if you are not servicing your clients with leading edge digital media solutions someone else will.

Before the internet offline ads were enough to reach new customers, but now that your target audience is consuming more online media every day, you need digital advertising to reach a digital consumer. Before digitization the occasional post card or phone call with a special offer was the best way to remind customers about your business, but now that digital consumers are managing their personal and professional relationships online, you need to engage them where they are most likely to respond; and before digitization, word of mouth referrals happened offline between two people, but now that your customers are expanding their social networks online, word of mouth referrals happen instantly between your customer and the hundreds of people across their entire digital network.

As consumers we demand that businesses educate us the way we want, make research and purchasing a rather easy task, help us easily navigate through tons of information so we can make the best decisions in a short period of time.

Spanish Whitepaper on Search & Social Now Available | Download Now

Yesterday WSI Franchise owner and Digital Marketing Consultant Alejandro Odio held an educational webinar specially catered to Spanish-speaking professionals. Webinar attendees – which included marketing professionals, business owners, and social media enthusiasts – were taken through the core fundamentals of search and social media in business.

Entitled “Navegar y Abandonar a través de Búsquedas y Redes Sociales,” WSI has also created a supplementary whitepaper uncovering industry secrets to adapting to the ever-changing business climate on the Web. Any savvy business person will quickly notice the growing demand for companies to manage their brand’s reputation on the search engines and social media channels. In other words, it’s absolutely essential to keep your online audience engaged!

Remember: a visitor to your site is useless if you can’t hold their attention and they leave to continue surfing the Web for bigger and better things. This complimentary whitepaper will cover all the search and social bases. Some highlights include:

  • The most effective online practices
  • How-to tips at the tactical level  that you can implement on y our site and social profiles
  • Techniques for managing client relationships and online reputation management
  • …and much more!

Learn more by clicking here to download our complimentary whitepaper “Navegar y Abandonar a través de Búsquedas y Redes Sociales.”

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