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Franchises offer a road to Self-employment

Posted by trinda On March - 7 - 2013

Franchises offer a road to Self-employment

In tough economic times, more and more people are becoming self-employed

There are now 367,000 more people who are self-employed than there were in 2008, the Office for National Statistics said. That suggests some former employees may have decided to go self-employed after trying and failing to find work elsewhere.

The average age of a self-employed worker is 47 – older than an employee where the average age is 40, according to official statistics. Much of the growth in self-employment has apparently been driven by “baby boomers”, the generation aged 55 and above. Almost 20% of workers aged between 50 and 64 are self-employed, and 37% of those aged over 65.

“With unemployment steadily falling, the continued growth in self-employment is likely to be boiling down to lifestyle choices, rather than desperation.”

Does the idea of working for yourself seem appealing?

Many people are attracted to the potential financial and lifestyle rewards of being self employed but are fearful of the risk involved as they have no prior experience in owning their own business.  A franchise system offers someone looking to be self employed a proven system and an established business model. The franchisor will provide your training, support and ongoing guidance to help you have success in your new business.

Are you leaving money on the table with your Clients?

Posted by trinda On March - 5 - 2013

Are you leaving money on the table with your clients?

Web development much like traditional forms of some media is somewhat a narrowing field. If all you can do is make traditional websites / media you may be in a sinking boat like a company that defined itself as a “newspaper company” instead of a “company that delivers the news”. You may need to re-invent yourself and your business in order to stay relevant and up to the needs of businesses.

Many web developers/ print companies / boutique agencies etc. who financially did very well many years ago today are finding it hard to keep up with the needs of businesses because the digital landscape changes so rapidly. It is time to diversify your portfolio.

Business owners are looking for a one stop shop. No different than consumers flocking to Walmart Super Centre’s  You can go to one place and buy cloths, groceries and paint for your home. I know you can’t be the delivery system of all their business needs but why just be a web developer/ printer / boutique agency when you can be there Digital marketing expert.

What if their desire was a tweaked out mobile site – could you help? What about a mobile app? Social Media? How about automating some horrific manual process that they aren’t even aware can be automated?

Instead of looking for more clients look to increase the value of your current client base, look for a way to target larger ticket items and look for a way to create a residual and reoccurring revenue.

That doesn’t mean you need to stop being the web designer/ printer / boutique agency  you are now you just need to broaden your horizons or think outside the box. What if you hand off the most awesome website/or traditional piece ever created and no one can find it or ever sees it – could you help? Do you know how? What if you could focus your efforts on building relationships with your clients and creating a residual and reoccurring revenue instead of sitting behind a desk coding solutions or trying to figure everything out. Would this allow you to make more money?

Many developers, agencies and graphic designers have found that too often they are leaving money on the table simply because they can’t provide a complete solution to the client. I can understand this is very hard for one person to do without the resources behind them. This results in the client looking elsewhere for the end solution. WSI has offered companies / or independents a way to bolt an existing system on to their business and provide a one stop shop without hiring or trying to “figure it out”.


WSI Opens New Franchise Office in Portugal

Posted by trinda On March - 4 - 2013

WSI franchisee  announces the opening of the newest franchise office  in Portugal.

This franchise unit is operating in Gauteng, and will be operated by Jorge Felicidade and provide direct support to all enterprises of the Setúbal peninsula, looking to make the most of their online presence through a marketing strategy for the internet.

Jorge Felicidade, has almost 20 years of professional experience in Management and Information Technology. The head of the newest franchise office for WSI  Jorge Felicidade  stated that “In the current economic climate, the activity performed by a WSI Digital Marketing Consultant is a great asset to the market, by enabling lower costs and increase marketing ROI for companies. More so when the expertise provided by WSI is fully aligned with the Portuguese business – characterized mostly by SMEs and micro enterprises. “

In a tough economy or any economy businesses are looking for a way to increase there revenue by generating more revenue from there existing clients and finding ways to bring in new business. Digital Marketing provides a business a way to measure results, reach out to a larger audience and ultimately be able to create a lead generation engine.

WSI End Client Testimonials

Posted by trinda On March - 4 - 2013

WSI End Client Testimonials

Every day we hear about how our franchisees change the lives of businesses.

With over 1000 franchisees around the world WSI sees a lot of testimonials from end clients but I recently came across several testimonials from different businesses in a variety of industries that really shows the diversity, need and results that a WSI franchisee can produce for a business.

WSI Digital Marketing franchisee Matt Doyle like many franchisees comes from a corporate background and with his WSI training and ongoing learning has really made an impact in many business owners lives. I saw a recent update from one of his clients in the liquor business.

“Our business in the last 6-8 month has shown double digit growth, I’d like to think that some if not all has been attributed to our email marketing and improving our website through Matt.” -Andrew Byer; Co-Owner, Tri-State Liquors

To see more end client examples and results from Matt’s franchise unit please follow the Youtube link below

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YouTube Direkt

Surviving Digitization

Posted by trinda On March - 1 - 2013

I was amazed yesterday when I was searching online and came across a question posted by a small business owner 3 days ago. The question was “Do I need a website?”

Is this really still a question? How can any business person expect to survive the digital age without having a website? The internet is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Let’s look at a few major reasons why you need a website

  1. You are open 24/7. Need I say more?
  2. If your customers are not finding you, they are finding your competition
  3. Take your business beyond your local city
  4. Either your customers are going to ask for it or look for it

Whether it is a restaurant, services for my home, auto repairs or my next hair cut, my life is ran and dictated by a 3 inch screen. Imagine being a business owner in the digital marketing Industry and being able to capitalize on the endless opportunities you could provide to businesses ; it would be like writing your own pay check.

Did you know that as of June 2012 there were 7, 017, 846, 922 (resource) websites? If you are a business owner do you really think all of these people are playing Farmville on Facebook?

OK, so now I wondered how many people played Farmville; according to Wiki there is 63,370,436 people feeding their cows and growing crops. Imagine being the smart business owner that has a paid ad beside that cow that links to their website, similar to the ad I saw today for Sears retail store celebrating 60 years and you can win 60 instant prizes.  Sears has created a valuable ad to give me something in return for my information to be able expose me to their brand. Armed with my information they are now able to provide me marketing not just right now while feeding my cows but in the future. It was certainly a lot more effective than sending me a flyer in the mail that likely would have been recycled and never read.

So as a business owner do you think you need a website? As a person maybe looking to be in business do you think digital marketing is an industry with growth and opportunity?

Franchise Opportunities Remain Strong in Tough Economy

Posted by trinda On February - 26 - 2013

Franchise Opportunities remain Strong in Tough Economy

If you’ve ever considered a franchise opportunity but had concerns that this isn’t the best economic climate to open a new business, there are a few facts that you should know. The opportunities presented by franchises are not shrinking with the rest of the economy. In fact, it’s a great economic climate for opening a franchise business.

While there are many signs of an economic recovery this has left a lot of people out of work and looking for other opportunities. Franchise opportunities means a chance for unemployed people with the right experience to start a business that doesn’t have the risk associated with a new and untested business opportunity. It allows them to work within a proven system that will never lay them off and have the ability to be able to control their own future.

Today people in their ‘50s are starting a franchise after spending several years in their profession. They don’t want to undergo the hassles of starting a stand-alone business by inventing the system and so, prefer to follow a proven one

As a franchise business owner you are essentially starting your own business and you will ultimately be responsible whether you accomplish your goals or not. The benefits of a franchise system along with your dedication, motivation and hard work can provide an excellent platform to operating a lucrative business.

According to the Franchise Business Economic Outlook, franchise opportunities have created 18 million of those hard-to-find jobs, and they are on track to create 36,000 more in the near future.

In this economy, opening a non-franchise business is risky business for the unknown reasons. With money tight among some demographics, you don’t have time to spend struggling to find a way to be profitable. A franchise gives the new business owner a proven system, structure, training and ongoing support.

However not every franchise is created equal and some franchises flourish more in this type of economy than others. You need to evaluate what is hot and where are people spending money.

By starting a franchise, especially a home-based , one gets to fulfill their potential, but also find time for their family, as the franchisor helps them at every step. These are the main reasons why starting a franchise has become the buzzword in today’s business world

“The role of Franchising in the Economic Recovery”.

Posted by trinda On February - 25 - 2013

“The role of Franchising in the economic recovery”.

The motto of the 1st National Franchise Association Seminar  in Portugal was “The role of Franchising in the economic recovery”.

At the 1st National Franchise Association Seminar in Portugal the reporter complemented the seminar announcement with the message that the franchising model also contributes to the creation of jobs. Interesting to note that they mentioned that there are 550 franchise brands operating in Portugal, of which 300 are National Brands, the biggest coverage is the WSI Franchise.

embedded by Embedded Video

WSI Master Franchisee for Portugal Sikander Jamal was featured in the 1st National Franchise Association Seminar, where the Prime Minister opened the session.

The interview talks about the market opportunity with digital marketing as there are a lot of companies with websites, but not really well structured and not really producing any results for the company.


Digital Marketing in Business

Posted by trinda On February - 14 - 2013

Digital Marketing in Business

We all know the world of digital has changed the way we conduct ourselves in our daily lives but more powerfully it has changed the face of business as we know it forever.

Social media is global ; it doesn’t sleep.

Last Week business owners had a chance to attend an intensive Social Media Training session in Dubai to showcase some of the latest information on Facebook and LinkedIn  Here is a short clip from the event and the feedback from the attendees and there learnings.

embedded by Embedded Video

Social media  has been around long enough for most companies to realize it’s not a fad. If approached correctly social media can help build relationships with consumers and other companies through networking and raised awareness of your service.

Husam Jandal the digital marketing expert featured in this video and educating businesses is a WSI franchisee and WSI master franchisee in the UAE. WSI has over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries.


A Digital Experience you have to Check Out

Posted by trinda On February - 12 - 2013

A New Digital Experience that allows  you to spend more time with friends, family or in front of a TV watching your favourite show with a glass of  Pellegrino delivered yesterday.

In today’s world we often talk about how much the internet, computers and digital marketing has changed our lives but when I saw this video it took my thoughts to a whole new level of just what is possible and what is really happening around the world.

embedded by Embedded Video

It is reality today that if a business is not online and I don’t just mean they have a website but actually have an online presence they won’t be in business for very long. That business on the corner is not just competing with the people down the street they are competing with companies around the world. The internet has literally made the world one big play ground.

This video really enforces why we have seen a huge shift in the type of businesses people are looking for as the digital world emerges and takes on a new life. This world has made it possible for a person who has dreamt of being in business for themselves but doesn’t have 100 ,000 ‘s of dollars to invest in location and equipment.

What’s happening in the Middle East?

Posted by trinda On February - 8 - 2013

What’s happening in the Middle East?

I read a recent study by Allmand Law which found that more than 90% of all tech startups fail. It’s a bleak statistic. It’s a fact that today Entrepreneurs look to franchising which has a higher success rates and a proven system already in place.

With Google’s recent report that the UAE and Saudi Arabia each have the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates, at 62% and 60% respectively, there is a lot of potential for continued mobile development in the region and in fact globally.

There is no doubt there is a large need for social media, mobile marketing and digital marketing in general but not everyone can do this. For a company to go out and hire what we like to call “Bob in the basement” is crazy in this day in age. Let me ask you would a company today hire there nephew to draw a picture for their next direct mailing campaign not likely? It is not as simple as putting up a website and there you go traffic flocks to your site brings you leads and instant success.

Social media, mobile marketing and the ever changing digital landscape you really need not just a computer and some technical experience you need a proven system and a base of knowledge and resources behind you.

Even many companies in the traditional advertising space are looking for ways to bolt on digital services as a way to keep up with client needs, capture bigger ticket clients and increase revenues.


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