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Why is Digital Marketing taking brokers by storm?

Posted by trinda On February - 6 - 2013

Why is the Digital Marketing Industry taking brokers by storm?

In the past few years we have seen a lot of changes to the way we conduct ourselves in business, the way we communicate and the way we do our research. Think about it: when was that last time you wrote a letter or mailed a check for a bill you need to pay.

The world has become much smaller since the creation of the internet. This means for a broker there is a lot more competition and choice for people who are looking to start a business.

You can research just about anything without ever leaving home; vacations, hotels, businesses, medicine, any subject in school. You can find answers to questions you are clueless about…on sites like Wiki.

There are businesses now that are totally run from home and still connect to people around the world and where else could people in 10 countries all bid on some bizarre thing on auctions and work in the last minute to outbid each other. Let’s not forget banking, applying for college, loans, buying cars, checking out library books…just download them onto your IPOD to save time, and do all this while you have pictures being sent out to print, answering mail, and watching a movie in different windows. Yep, just a little bit of a change.

I am sure you have experienced many people in the past few years that might have once been looking for a business in the restaurant industry but now they want to be part of the digital revolution. WSI is #1 digital marketing company in the world with over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries.

We have worked with many of the big name brokers for years now and as a result we are looking to expand this relationship to include independent brokers from around the world. We have a very specific selection process to ensure your candidate has all their questions answered and feels confident they are making not only a good business decision but the right business decision for their family and their goals.

If you would like to learn more about our broker partner opportunities we would be happy to explain our process and how you can offer a different option to your clients with a lower investment , strong industry, #1 brand and a residual and reoccurring revenue. Send In mail for free Broker Inquiry

Add more to your Broker Portfolio

Posted by trinda On January - 25 - 2013

Add more to your Broker Portfolio

As a business/franchise broker the more diverse your portfolio is the better chance you have of finding a business match for your potential buyer.

Many brokers represent a large number of franchise brands but mainly in the area of restaurants and retail.  Many people who are looking for a business are white collar professional who have been in a senior corporate position their entire lives and restaurants or retail are not always appealing to them.

In working with many big brand brokers over the years we have found that the WSI franchise offers a unique opportunity for brokers to present to their clients.  We have over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries and most of our franchisees tend to come from senior level positions.

Our franchisees are business consultants focusing on digital marketing. They do not need to be technical to have success in the business in fact many of our franchisees do not. Many franchisees do run the business from home at least to start so they have low overhead and the franchise investment tends to be a fraction of that to retail or restaurants.

If you are an independent business broker and want to learn if it makes sense to work together then please connect with me via LinkedIn  , by email at or directly in Canada at 905 364 1264 to discuss further details and opportunities.

International Franchise Brand Looking for Independent Brokers

Posted by trinda On December - 10 - 2012

International Franchise Brand Looking for Independent Brokers

WSI is the #1 Digital Marketing Franchise in the world with over 1000 offices in 80 countries. We are currently looking for a few independent business brokers in various countries to represent our international brand.

If you are an independent business broker please connect with me via LinkedIn  , by email at or directly in Canada at 905 364 1264 to discuss further details and opportunities.



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