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Online Retail Set for 95% Growth in the Middle East

Posted by trinda On April - 4 - 2013

Online retail sales are expected to grow by 95% in the UAE over the next five years, according to Euromonitor International.

The research shows rocketing sales online will be driven by consumers becoming more sophisticated and confident with online purchases in the UAE.

Internet retailing in the UAE will benefit from a “surge in consumer enthusiasm and confidence” to 2018, Euromonitor said.

“With Internet users in the Arab world tipped to reach over 170 million by 2016, Internet retailing in the region is clearly set for staggering growth,” he said.

Looking ahead, Euromonitor market research indicates Internet retailing in the region is expanding across other channels, with new products such as home care and DIY and gardening recently gaining their first significant presence in Internet retailing.

Players from the UAE have already started expanding elsewhere including Saudi Arabia where forecast growth over the next five years is 136%.

Euromonitor also said it expects this to be followed by huge expansion into other countries such as Egypt.

Payments firm PayPal said in November it expects to sign up to 25,000 merchants and capture 10% of the MENA region’s e-commerce customers in the next two years following the launch of its local operation.

PayPal, now available in seven markets across the Middle East and North Africa, has 1 million customers in the region but expects to grow “exponentially”, said Elias Ghanem, its regional chief.

This is a very important time for businesses to evaluate their current digital solutions and be sure they are meeting the demands of the changing market otherwise potential customers will be lost to other businesses. Add a digital solution to your business, bolt on a digital services to your existing business or have the ability to offer digital solutions and own your own business.

Mobile Marketing. Are you In or Out?

Posted by trinda On March - 28 - 2013

SmartPhone’s Take the Lead

According to a recent eMarketer article and study done by comSource Smartphone’s have become the mobile choice by Canadians and 15% of users make on-line purchases using there Smartphone. Ontario is the leading region accounting for 41% of that market. Surprising to some teenagers ranging in age from 13 to 17 only account for 7% of those mobile users.

People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. The new world consists of buzz words like seo, ppc, geolocation, mobile sites, mobile coupon redemption and social media. By 2014 mobile should take over desktop internet usage. On average Americans spend 2.7 hours per day on there Smartphone just socializing. That is twice the amount of time they spend eating. 200 million + YouTube views occur on Smartphone’s daily.

A Smartphone acts as a gateway to mobile internet usage and as a result Smartphone’s are driving some of the biggest changes in internet activity.

The vast demand of Smartphone users is really shaping overall internet trends and as such businesses need to ensure they have a mobile ready solution for their clients.

The market still provides very few complete overall solutions and education to a business owner and as such the digital space offers much opportunity and room for growth. Many businesses who once thought the internet was a fad are slowing realizing that is they are not on-line they may not be in business 5 years from now.


Demand for Digital Grows in the UK

Posted by trinda On March - 27 - 2013

Demand for Digital Grows in the UK

According to eMarketer’s latest report the on-line retail category has been a big winner in the UK since early eCommerce days and only continues to grow despite economic concerns.

eMarketer estimates that total UK B2C eCommerce sales will grow 13.4% this year, to reach $141.5 billion.

The biggest driver of on-line retail sales growth will come from the baby boomer generation. The number of on-line buyers in this age group will continue to grow through 2016 more rapidly than any other age category .

Younger consumers may have been faster to adopt to eCommerce and have a great demand for digital but the older generations are now starting to embrace technology purchasing everything from groceries, to holidays and mail delivery items.

According to Ofcom UK consumers across all age groups spend an average £1,083 per year each on on-line shopping and 60%+ of mobile phone users in the UK own a smartphone.

Mobile marketing in the UK has created a great opportunity for businesses who have adapted and embraced mobile  as has the UK has become a gadget-obsessed nation.  This is a  market that is watching more television on-line, spending more on internet shopping and using smartphones and tablets to access the web more heavily than any of the world’s leading economies, according to new research.

The love of these devices has even seen the UK overtake Japan in mobile internet use, according to  Ofcom, which compares data across 17 countries.

If retailers want to continue to survive they need to be savvier with their marketing and start connecting the dots between the on-line and offline worlds.  If businesses regardless of their size do not have an on-line solution they face not being in business in the years to come. This offers great opportunity for those offering digital solutions to be be able to educate, deliver, impact and profit in this sector.


Market Opens in India

Posted by trinda On March - 22 - 2013

Market Opens in India

India has over 150 million Internet users and by 2015 the ecommerce industry will represent 40 billion dollars; this represents a huge opportunity in digital marketing.

Just as WSI has expanded into markets like Egypt, South Africa, Brazil and many others we see the market in India as really having an untapped opportunity. As we open WSI to the Indian market with a master franchisee we have reduced the franchise fee to 29,700 USD for the first 5 franchise units successfully awarded in the market by having these units pre-purchased through the new master.

WSI is the world’s leading Digital Marketing Franchise with over 1000 franchise offices in 80 countries.

WSI is recognized as the global leader in the Digital Marketing world. As oldest company of its kind it has established itself within this industry with a reputation of exceeding its client’s expectations and delivering solutions that allow the business community to achieve their business objectives. 

With the global footprint WSI has developed coupled with its massive client base it has become a focus for many of the larger players in this industry to sit up and take notice. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Adobe just to name a few have approached WSI as they realize the potential in collaborating in a partnership relationship. They realize together we become stronger and WSI has the global reach to assist them in global markets.

As WSI continues to expand its influence many larger companies and associations are looking to WSI to not only be their provider of digital solutions but also the recognized voice and expert in the digital marketing industry.

The future for WSI has never been brighter as we continue to expand and grow our relationships. The opportunity to prosper in this industry has also never been greater as the demand for our services continue to grow exponentially. The business community realizes they are in desperate need of the right Digital Marketing solution to ensure their existence and the options are very few for them to choose from.

In awarding the WSI franchise there is key criteria that we are looking for:

  1. You need to be able to develop a relationship. This is not a business where you will walk in the door of a business provide a solution and leave. A big part of our franchisees revenue is from residual and reoccurring revenue from their existing client base.
  2. You need to understand and embrace that this is an industry where ongoing learning is a must. Technology will change; the needs of your clients will change. We will give you what you need to stay up to date but you do need to stay engaged and embracing a lifelong learning
  3. You need to have the passion for helping others. This doesn’t just mean helping business owners to have great success but collaborating within our franchise network. Franchisees share best practices, learn from each other and commonly will partner on larger projects to benefit from each other’s expertise and knowledge.

Google and Facebook Speaking in Paris

Posted by trinda On March - 21 - 2013

Google and Facebook Speaking in Paris

Excellence and Innovation is under way in Paris. Doug Schust WSI president delivered a powerful opening address before handing the stage over to Google , Acquisio and tomorrow to Facebook.

WSI franchisees from around the world have gathered together in Paris at the annual Excellence and Innovation Conference to listen to the likes of Google, Facebook, Acquisio and other WSI partners and suppliers.

As always the event is jammed packed with new technologies, ongoing learning, updates on our national accounts program, partner and supplier updates, networking events and of course we can’t forget the fun on the Seine River Cruise.

WSI has over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries and continues to be the global big chief in digital marketing. As a result of our massive global ad spend, large reach to businesses and success of franchisees many very notable organizations have been taking notice as to the opportunity to work with WSI.

WSI franchisees come from backgrounds in marketing, sales, financial, real estate, technology, business ownership and in some cases are bolting WSI onto an existing business such as an ad agency or print shop.

Who’s Driving the Digital Revolution

Posted by trinda On March - 13 - 2013

Who’s Driving the Digital Revolution

The fast-paced adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices is creating a new mobile generation that is overtaking the US and Europe in terms of demand for digital media.

Consumers in countries like Brazil are not tied to legacy media like CD’s, DVD’s and physical video games so they have been one of the quickest to embrace and adapt to new forms of media. This has created a great need for companies in Brazil  and globally to embrace digital marketing.

According to the YouGov survey, commissioned by KPMG, the surging popularity of mobile devices being used for digital in these countries has created a new mobile-centric generation. “Consumers in China, Brazil and Singapore across all age groups are accessing and using media at an astonishing pace,” says Gary Matuszak, KPMG’s Global Chair, Technology, Media and Telecommunications. “They are quick to acquire hand-held mobile devices, and are incredibly receptive to all forms of information, news and entertainment from TV, internet, newspapers, magazines and radio.”

“This creates amazing opportunities for technology and media companies like WSI, as many companies are struggling to devise  and understand marketing and digital plans which truly meet consumers’ vast needs for information.

“The move to digital has had a dramatic impact on how we consume music, publishing and newspapers. But we are still early in the process of a transition to digital any time anywhere availability across all media sectors,” said Paul Wissmann, Head of Media & Telecommunications, KPMG in the US. “Until on-line services can provide content — especially film and video — on all devices, including home televisions, and be as seamless and easy to use as their offline counterparts, ‘old’ and digital media will continue to co-exist.”

The opportunity in the digital landscape will continue to grow, change and be of high demand to businesses. Especially considering we as consumers cannot seem to unplug .

So you Want to Build Websites

Posted by trinda On March - 12 - 2013

So you Want to Build Websites

Although a website solution is still a crucial part of an overall marketing strategy it is important to understand that it is only 1 piece of an entire puzzle. If you are putting together a puzzle and you have a cute puppy but all we can see is the puppy’s tail your picture is not complete. Social media, mobile marketing, SEO, PPC, content and the list goes on is all part of making that puzzle a complete picture.

Another piece to that puzzle is driving customers into store locations . A February 2013 report by the CMO Council and Balihoo found that local marketing is increasingly happening at the digital level, with the greatest percentage of respondents (27%) reporting that increasing digital investment was the biggest change in their local marketing strategy in the past year.

Websites still remain the primary means brand marketers have to engage customers locally, with 86% citing there corporate site as part of their overall local marketing strategy. About half of those surveyed also used corporate social media outreach to engage consumers . By contrast, only one-third of brand marketers reported maintaining a local website, and even fewer, 27%, operated local social pages. This certainly shows there is an ever increasing opportunity in the digital space.

The biggest challenge that business owners still have is understanding what all of this means, how there customers are looking for them and how they can outsmart the competition. At one point that competition use to only be XYZ corporation down the street but with the internet now global businesses need to  factor into that equation.

In recent years many people thought they would like to capitalize on the huge opportunity that the internet has to offer but have maybe not been so successful. The key to having success in this digital landscape is to have a proven system, a solid network and a way to continually learn.


Are you leaving money on the table with your Clients?

Posted by trinda On March - 5 - 2013

Are you leaving money on the table with your clients?

Web development much like traditional forms of some media is somewhat a narrowing field. If all you can do is make traditional websites / media you may be in a sinking boat like a company that defined itself as a “newspaper company” instead of a “company that delivers the news”. You may need to re-invent yourself and your business in order to stay relevant and up to the needs of businesses.

Many web developers/ print companies / boutique agencies etc. who financially did very well many years ago today are finding it hard to keep up with the needs of businesses because the digital landscape changes so rapidly. It is time to diversify your portfolio.

Business owners are looking for a one stop shop. No different than consumers flocking to Walmart Super Centre’s  You can go to one place and buy cloths, groceries and paint for your home. I know you can’t be the delivery system of all their business needs but why just be a web developer/ printer / boutique agency when you can be there Digital marketing expert.

What if their desire was a tweaked out mobile site – could you help? What about a mobile app? Social Media? How about automating some horrific manual process that they aren’t even aware can be automated?

Instead of looking for more clients look to increase the value of your current client base, look for a way to target larger ticket items and look for a way to create a residual and reoccurring revenue.

That doesn’t mean you need to stop being the web designer/ printer / boutique agency  you are now you just need to broaden your horizons or think outside the box. What if you hand off the most awesome website/or traditional piece ever created and no one can find it or ever sees it – could you help? Do you know how? What if you could focus your efforts on building relationships with your clients and creating a residual and reoccurring revenue instead of sitting behind a desk coding solutions or trying to figure everything out. Would this allow you to make more money?

Many developers, agencies and graphic designers have found that too often they are leaving money on the table simply because they can’t provide a complete solution to the client. I can understand this is very hard for one person to do without the resources behind them. This results in the client looking elsewhere for the end solution. WSI has offered companies / or independents a way to bolt an existing system on to their business and provide a one stop shop without hiring or trying to “figure it out”.


Surviving Digitization

Posted by trinda On March - 1 - 2013

I was amazed yesterday when I was searching online and came across a question posted by a small business owner 3 days ago. The question was “Do I need a website?”

Is this really still a question? How can any business person expect to survive the digital age without having a website? The internet is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Let’s look at a few major reasons why you need a website

  1. You are open 24/7. Need I say more?
  2. If your customers are not finding you, they are finding your competition
  3. Take your business beyond your local city
  4. Either your customers are going to ask for it or look for it

Whether it is a restaurant, services for my home, auto repairs or my next hair cut, my life is ran and dictated by a 3 inch screen. Imagine being a business owner in the digital marketing Industry and being able to capitalize on the endless opportunities you could provide to businesses ; it would be like writing your own pay check.

Did you know that as of June 2012 there were 7, 017, 846, 922 (resource) websites? If you are a business owner do you really think all of these people are playing Farmville on Facebook?

OK, so now I wondered how many people played Farmville; according to Wiki there is 63,370,436 people feeding their cows and growing crops. Imagine being the smart business owner that has a paid ad beside that cow that links to their website, similar to the ad I saw today for Sears retail store celebrating 60 years and you can win 60 instant prizes.  Sears has created a valuable ad to give me something in return for my information to be able expose me to their brand. Armed with my information they are now able to provide me marketing not just right now while feeding my cows but in the future. It was certainly a lot more effective than sending me a flyer in the mail that likely would have been recycled and never read.

So as a business owner do you think you need a website? As a person maybe looking to be in business do you think digital marketing is an industry with growth and opportunity?

What’s happening in the Middle East?

Posted by trinda On February - 8 - 2013

What’s happening in the Middle East?

I read a recent study by Allmand Law which found that more than 90% of all tech startups fail. It’s a bleak statistic. It’s a fact that today Entrepreneurs look to franchising which has a higher success rates and a proven system already in place.

With Google’s recent report that the UAE and Saudi Arabia each have the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates, at 62% and 60% respectively, there is a lot of potential for continued mobile development in the region and in fact globally.

There is no doubt there is a large need for social media, mobile marketing and digital marketing in general but not everyone can do this. For a company to go out and hire what we like to call “Bob in the basement” is crazy in this day in age. Let me ask you would a company today hire there nephew to draw a picture for their next direct mailing campaign not likely? It is not as simple as putting up a website and there you go traffic flocks to your site brings you leads and instant success.

Social media, mobile marketing and the ever changing digital landscape you really need not just a computer and some technical experience you need a proven system and a base of knowledge and resources behind you.

Even many companies in the traditional advertising space are looking for ways to bolt on digital services as a way to keep up with client needs, capture bigger ticket clients and increase revenues.


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