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Technology and the Internet are in flux. Giants like Apple, Google and Facebook are changing the way we interact with each other. Technologies move so quickly that jumping on the train can be daunting for businesses. But the route hasn’t always been clear; social media, mobile marketing and search marketing campaigns are always changing. 

Luckily, digital marketing is still in its infancy and there’s plenty of time to get on track. Written by WSI, Digital Minds brings industry-proven expertise to assist your business with hot strategies for content marketing, social media, responsive web design, SEO, display advertising, email marketing and more. By grasping the trends now, your business can catch up to speed and stay ahead of the competition.

Every year, WSI holds a global conference attracting top Digital Marketing Consultants and speakers from around the world. Speakers have included partners and experts including Google and LinkedIn.

WSI is the #1 digital marketing franchise in the world with over 1000 franchise offices in 80 countries. Franchise are made up of individuals looking to be self employed and also businesses who are looking to add digital marketing to there portfolio bolting the WSI franchise into there existing business.

Partnering with some very big names in the industry and launching their first book they have catapulted to the top of the pile as the experts in the digital landscape. The recently launched book “Digital Minds – “12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing” is the first of many books helping businesses learn and understand the power of digital marketing and there customers.

The book assists businesses with strategies for content marketing, social media, responsive web design, SEO, display advertising, email marketing and more. We can literally say, we wrote the Digital Marketing book!

5000 copies were sold in the first week of release, which says it all about the quality of the content. This is being supplemented by a series of webinars which will drill down into more detail.

The book can be downloaded for free to your kindle for a limited time or purchased through amazon.

The Difference Between agencies that survive, thrive or Die (WhitePaper)

Are you leaving money on the table with your clients?

If all you can do is traditional marketing or make websites for your client you may be in a sinking boat like a company that defined itself as a “newspaper company” instead of a “company that delivers the news”. You may need to re-invent yourself and your business in order to stay relevant and up to the needs of businesses.

Many web developers/ print companies / boutique agencies etc. who financially did very well many years ago today are finding it hard to keep up with the needs of businesses because the digital landscape changes so rapidly that it has caused a digital disruption. It is time to diversify your portfolio.

Instead of looking for more clients look to increase the value of your current client base, look for a way to target larger ticket items and look for a way to create a residual and reoccurring revenue.

That doesn’t mean you need to stop being the web designer/ printer / boutique agency  you are now you just need to broaden your horizons or think outside the box. What if you could focus your efforts on building relationships with your clients and creating a residual and reoccurring revenue instead of sitting behind a desk coding solutions or trying to figure everything out. Would this allow you to make more money?

Many agencies, developers and graphic designers have found that too often they are leaving money on the table simply because they can’t provide a complete solution to the client. I can understand this is very hard for one person or a small company to do without the resources behind them. This results in the client looking elsewhere for the end solution. WSI has offered companies / or independents a way to bolt an existing system on to their business and provide a one stop shop without hiring or trying to “figure it out”.


Why Are you on LinkedIn?

Posted by trinda On May - 7 - 2015

Why Are you on Linked?

I believe it is time we think a little bit differently. Don’t ignore a stranger.

Imagine you are standing in the room at a networking event and a professional approaches you extending their hand to introduce themselves. Instead of shaking hands you quickly turn your back on them and walk away. Sounds crazy right, yet millions of LinkedIn users do this when they ignore invitation requests from people they don’t know on LinkedIn. 

“Why would I want to accept an invitation from a stranger?” This was the response I got when I talked about this the other day. On LinkedIn you have connections, not friends, and that should be your first clue. LinkedIn is not Facebook the purpose to LinkedIn in to connect with other professionals, share information and find common business needs and interests. By right out saying no I don’t want to connect will you ever grow beyond the network you already have?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point he references sociologist Mark Granovetter’s classic study about connectors. “Granovetter’s research showed it was your acquaintances, not your close friends, who introduce you to new ideas and opportunities.” If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Your friends travel in the same social circles as you and are therefore exposed to the same information. New friends, associates and invitations are what  introduce us to worlds in which we do not currently belong.

Granovetter’s study makes the case for accepting invitations from people you don’t know on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social network, not a private country club—be inclusive, not exclusive. The more connections you have, the more relationships you will forge. There’s a ripple effect that takes place. Each LinkedIn member is one, or two, degrees of separation away from someone who could potentially be a future client. If you say no to that one person, you’re simultaneously turning away their entire network of second and third degree connections.

Does this mean you should accept every invitation from people you don’t know? No, you should evaluate and ensure they are legitimate and reputable. I look at a few key things.

Their profile. Simply going to the person’s profile can provide insight as to why you received an invitation. If you share a connection, college or group then you might show up as a suggestion from LinkedIn’s “People You May Know.” The keywords in your profile serve as a prompt for all these suggestions from LinkedIn.

In my case many people that are looking to start a business find my profile and are looking to connect to learn more about our franchise opportunity or starting there own business.

There’s power and influence in a large network. If the member has his settings open, you have access to those connections. And you get a SEO boost from being part of their network.

Ask why the person sent you an invite. I live my life by the assumption that  “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Maybe they heard you speak at a conference, or were referred by a mutual connection, or read your blog and decided to reach out. Don’t assume if you are still not sure ask.

No photo? Don’t accept the invite. If someone doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile photo it says two things. It might be a fake profile or the person is not savvy enough to understand social media is about transparency and authenticity.

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”  OK, you receive a request from a competitor. What do you do? My response make friends. Don’t forget you have access to their profile, too. You are also more likely to show up at the top of their profile page under “People Similar To…” when someone is viewing it.

Look at it as an opportunity to partner with your competition. You might actually be able to learn something.

If you still have doubts about accepting invites from potential spammers, remember you can always “disconnect.” If you choose they are not the right person or you don’t like the information they are sharing.

I hope to receive invites from you in my Inbox, too

In the end ask yourself why are you on LinkedIn?

Mobile Continues to Expand 1.75 Billion in 2014

Posted by trinda On September - 17 - 2014

Smartphone Users Worldwide Will Total 1.75 Billion in 2014

Mobile users pick up smartphones as they become more affordable, 3G and 4G networks advance

eMarketer expects 4.55 billion people worldwide to use a mobile phone in 2014. This offers a large opportunity for those providing services in the digital space.

The global smartphone audience surpassed the 1 billion mark in 2012 and will total 1.75 billion in 2014. eMarketer expects smartphone adoption to continue on a fast-paced trajectory through 2017. Nearly two-fifths of all mobile phone users—close to one-quarter of the worldwide population—will use a smartphone at least monthly in 2014. By the end of the forecast period, smartphone penetration among mobile phone users globally will near 50%

More than 2.23 billion people worldwide, or 48.9% of mobile phone users, will go online via mobile at least monthly in 2014, and over half of the mobile audience will use the mobile internet next year. Mobile data network expansion—especially in areas outside of urban centers in emerging markets with rising middle classes—and the adoption of smartphones and feature phones with internet capabilities will fuel growth of the mobile phone internet consumer base. We estimate that the total number of mobile phone internet users will rise 16.5% in 2014 and maintain double-digit growth through 2016.

If business want to continue to survive they need to be savvier with their marketing and start connecting the dots between the on-line and offline worlds.  If businesses regardless of their size do not have an on-line solution offering responsive design and additional mobile solutions they face not being in business in the years to come. This offers great opportunity for those offering digital solutions to be able to educate, deliver, impact and profit in this sector.

If you have considered being part of the digital revolution  or you want to learn more about the WSI franchise opportunity in over 80 countries please click the link below:

Mobile Expands Its Share of Worldwide Digital Ad Spend

Posted by trinda On August - 28 - 2013

Mobile Expands Its Share of Worldwide Digital Ad Spend

By 2017, mobile marketing will account for nearly four out of 10 global digital ad dollars.

Mobile marketing is making inroads in digital ad spending throughout the world, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast of paid media ad spending worldwide and it’s growing in every region around the world.

This year, eMarketer expects, 18.8% of all digital ad spending in North America will go toward mobile internet ads. By 2017, nearly half of all digital ad spending in North America will be on the mobile internet.

The speed at which technology changes today presents a large challenge for both a business that delivers these solutions but also the business owner that needs these solutions as it is almost impossible to keep up.

By 2017, eMarketer expects, 36.3% of digital ad spending around the world will go toward mobile formats, up from just 4.6% as recently as 2011.

Mobile spend really only represents a portion of online ad spend and it is important for a business owner to understand the real impact of digital on there business and the value it presents them.

If you have considered the option to own your own business and capitalize on the opportunity in the digital space

WSI takes Brazil by Storm

Posted by trinda On July - 16 - 2013

WSI the leading Digital Marketing franchise in the world with over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries spent a week in Sao Paulo meeting with franchisees top clients, held events at the Canadian consolute and ABF.

The Market in Brazil has explosive growth and with Brazil’s large population, deepening internet penetration and early embrace of social media have created one of the largest social media markets in the world.

The number of social network users in Brazil continues to grow at a rapid clip. eMarketer estimates that Brazil will have the fifth-fastest social network growth in the world this year.

Brazil and Mexico will lead Latin America for total ad expenditures, with spending reaching $20.21 billion and $4.58 billion, respectively, this year, according to eMarketer. Brazil, however, will be the undisputed engine throughout the forecast period.

With the huge opportunity in Brazil the WSI franchise headquarters is working very closely with the master franchisees in Brazil to grow the market with the right people to support the growing need for services and education to Brazilian businesses.

During the one week in Sao Paulo WSI franchisees had advanced training with President Doug Schust as well as training at the Google headquarters.

Like many global markets businesses in Brazil are looking to social media, mobile marketing and online properties to reach their existing customers and target new ones.

If you are interested in being part of the digital revolution and want to look at self employment in this high growth market as an option

Mobile and Social Lead the Way

Posted by trinda On May - 30 - 2013

Mobile and Social Lead the Way

According to a recent eMarketer report marketers are backing up there excitement around mobile, social and video with more ad dollars. Of the 20 major US brands surveyed by the Association of National Advertisers in March 2013, 65% said they were increasing their investments in mobile—the highest percentage of marketers upping investments in any channel studied.

Marketers seem to have no hesitations about social, as 55% of respondents said they

Growth in the number of social media users is reaching maturity in the US   Meanwhile, the mobile internet is still set to see double-digit user increases during the next couple of years.. were putting more dollars towards social media, while no advertisers reporting a decrease in social investments.

Marketers allocated 60% of their offline budget to branding vs. 42% of their digital budget. Direct response took 32% of digital spend vs. 20% of offline spending.

Business owners are really starting to understand the need for social media in there business but the majority of business still do understand how to do this.

Many small boutique agencies that offer digital marketing are finding the need to add additional services to there business to service the growing needs to there clients, to service larger ticket clients and to ultimately stay relevant and in the game. This really is a Digital Revolution

Agencies Losing Out On Mobile

Posted by trinda On May - 7 - 2013

Mobile Ad Spend on the Rise and many Agencies are losing revenue opportunities on Mobile.

A recent post from e-marketer really shows the growth in mobile throughout the UK

Mobile is getting more attention from UK agencies, even as substantial questions remain regarding certain mobile issues and trends. The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK) found that in 2012 more than half of agencies reported spending between 6% and 20% of their digital budgets on mobile.

eMarketer expects mobile to account for 16.1% of digital spending in the country in 2013, when it reaches £965 million ($1.53 billion), after nearly doubling since 2012. The UK, with its high penetration of smartphones and tablets, is behind only the US and Japan in the percentage of digital budget allocated to mobile, according to eMarketer.

Seven out of 10 agency respondents reported that lack of client understanding of mobile was holding them back from making a greater investment in the channel.

Even as agencies’ mobile knowledge expands, there remain opportunities and issues many have not yet explored. The greatest percentage (53%) reported having no experience with either responsive web design or mobile privacy. Real-time mobile advertising, near-field communication (NFC) and HTML5 were also areas that almost half of agencies had no experience with yet.

While UK agencies may be a long way from fully leveraging the mobile channel, there is no question it will only become more important to the digital marketing mix over time. Over nine out of 10 respondents expected mobile to be the fastest-growing medium in the next five years.

This report from e-marketer really shows that businesses need education in mobile and digital in general. Agencies that are not able to deliver will quickly need to find a way to bolt these services on to their existing portfolio to quickly capture the client revenue and digital opportunities.

Your office desk doesn’t look the same as it did 5 years ago so why do you?

It is important to realize that as consumers and marketing around you changes you need to change with it. As a business owner it use to be true that if you continued to do the same thing over and over you would get the same results. With technology today and the speed in which we change if you now continue to do the same thing over and over you may not be in business in 5 years.

Many companies already have or are in the process of switching gears to a digital strategy but unfortunately get lost in cyber space with all the buzz words and quite often lose focus to what is important to their business and more importantly what is relevant and provides results.

In the last few years there has been a surge in new businesses offering web development and as quickly as they open they close because they are limited in what they can offer and quite often find it hard to stay up to speed with technology and client needs.

If you are considering a change of careers , looking at start your own business / franchise or looking to add to an existing business make sure you choose a proven business model that can steer you and your client to success.

Traditional Goes Digital

Posted by trinda On April - 9 - 2013

Edigaralde Cmasociados is a traditional marketing  agency in Ecuador and as times have changed in traditional advertising they saw a need to change and integrate traditional advertising and digital advertising to better service there clients. After learning about the WSI franchise opportunity and being awarded a franchise they bolted the WSI franchise on their existing business to be able to service their client’s digital needs and as a way to drive new business to their existing business and close larger ticket clients.

Shortly after their training at the Toronto headquarters they also applied and were awarded the master franchise for Ecuador to grow the market and expand the brand. They have a proven track record in traditional advertising, marketing and publishing and are excited to combine their strong business acumen with WSI’s expertise to significantly grow the WSI brand and their current agency within the region. 

 (Image: New Master Franchisees Paul Chavez, Carlos Molina and Sebastian Romero with Michael Monaghan and Ana Popovska-Jovcevska from Home Office at the new team’s headquarters.)

What is happening to the advertising agencies business around the world is nothing new. It is the same thing that happened to the travel industry, the print industry, the newspaper and magazine industries and many others, it’s called the INTERNET.

With Digital Marketing’s continued unprecedented growth, many small boutique agencies are scrambling to reclaim lost revenue from clients who have left or reduced traditional media expenditure and refocused their advertising dollars to digital.

Advertising agencies need to offer complete Digital services and solutions in order to stay relevant to their clients and get future clients. The time is now for traditional agencies to change or time will run out. Edigaralde Cmasociados saw this opportunity and need.

In addition to Ecuador, WSI also has Master Franchise Offices located in France, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Baltics, Qatar, Bahrain, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, West India, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

If you are looking to start your own business, bolt on digital services to your existing business or look at master opportunities you can reach out to our team for further information.

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