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Be the Boss

Posted by trinda On April - 18 - 2013

One of the best things about a being your own boss is that it offers the ability to have the freedom, control, lifestyle and income you desire. Many professionals seeking to be their own boss quite often turn to franchising as there is an already established and proven business model in place. Every franchisee is part of a family, able to draw on resources such as training, common information sources, and so forth. However, each is also a business unto itself, and a franchise owner is able to look at the profitability question in a whole new way — as the boss! 

In a traditional employment arrangement, there is a certain amount of job comfort. After all, there is a clearly-defined set of goals and rules that have to be met, and the employee gets paid for doing so. As long as the parent company remains profitable, the employee should have a job. Many years ago a job meant security and stability but more and more today this is not the case.

However, that statement right there shows the nature of the beast: the parent company’s profitability is the key concern. Many middle and high level managers who were doing quite well, have found themselves out of work in recent years, because the company as a whole needed to cut back. Many of us – in one way or another – have felt the pressures from economic challenges.

The good news is that many of these professionals have very strong skills they are able to leverage and transfer into their own business. This is why a franchise is an outstanding opportunity for them, and a chance to use their skills and experience in a proven working business model. Franchising really is simple follow the system and you will have success.

In a franchise, the owner is in business for themselves not by themselves.

You have control of the business, your hours and your success. For those of us interested in running small businesses but enjoy having some of the support structure of more traditional employment by way of a franchise model, franchising is clearly a win-win opportunity.

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