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Are you leaving money on the table with your Clients?

Posted by trinda On March - 5 - 2013

Are you leaving money on the table with your clients?

Web development much like traditional forms of some media is somewhat a narrowing field. If all you can do is make traditional websites / media you may be in a sinking boat like a company that defined itself as a “newspaper company” instead of a “company that delivers the news”. You may need to re-invent yourself and your business in order to stay relevant and up to the needs of businesses.

Many web developers/ print companies / boutique agencies etc. who financially did very well many years ago today are finding it hard to keep up with the needs of businesses because the digital landscape changes so rapidly. It is time to diversify your portfolio.

Business owners are looking for a one stop shop. No different than consumers flocking to Walmart Super Centre’s  You can go to one place and buy cloths, groceries and paint for your home. I know you can’t be the delivery system of all their business needs but why just be a web developer/ printer / boutique agency when you can be there Digital marketing expert.

What if their desire was a tweaked out mobile site – could you help? What about a mobile app? Social Media? How about automating some horrific manual process that they aren’t even aware can be automated?

Instead of looking for more clients look to increase the value of your current client base, look for a way to target larger ticket items and look for a way to create a residual and reoccurring revenue.

That doesn’t mean you need to stop being the web designer/ printer / boutique agency  you are now you just need to broaden your horizons or think outside the box. What if you hand off the most awesome website/or traditional piece ever created and no one can find it or ever sees it – could you help? Do you know how? What if you could focus your efforts on building relationships with your clients and creating a residual and reoccurring revenue instead of sitting behind a desk coding solutions or trying to figure everything out. Would this allow you to make more money?

Many developers, agencies and graphic designers have found that too often they are leaving money on the table simply because they can’t provide a complete solution to the client. I can understand this is very hard for one person to do without the resources behind them. This results in the client looking elsewhere for the end solution. WSI has offered companies / or independents a way to bolt an existing system on to their business and provide a one stop shop without hiring or trying to “figure it out”.


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