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Archive for June, 2015

Who Said Your to Old?

Posted by trinda On June - 29 - 2015

50+ Boomers are now the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the U.S.

Boomers are attracted by the freedom to act upon there ideas as they see fit, the chance to achieve much better balance between there work and leisure lives and the opportunity to enjoy a source of income that’s only limited by personal ambitions. Who ever said you were to old is clearly mislead. Even many retired professionals are coming out of retirement to start there own business as one realizes they can only play so much golf!

As attractive as self-employment may appear at first glance, it’s important that you carefully consider the following  criteria when considering whether to take the plunge.   

  1. Look for a business that you will enjoy. This is especially important if you’re feeling burnt out emotionally from the demands of your corporate career. A good starting point for identifying the right business idea for you can be to visualize how you can turn your passion and strengths into a business.
  2. Understand the income potential and whether it matches your needs, and how much you are comfortable investing. Take a hard-nosed look at start-up costs and the return.
  3. Match the physical demands of your chosen business to your energy level. A business that requires putting in long hours every day, or hard physical labor, may not suit you at this point in your life. On the other hand, if you love the outdoors, planning and planting landscaping or working in one of the building trades, by all means dig further into the possible business opportunities, but be honest about the sustained physical stamina that will be demanded to earn a steady income. If you are not looking to have a business with such physical demands there are other franchises that are more white collar and B2B.
  4. If day-to-day variety is important to you, rule out businesses that involve doing the very same thing for each customer. The idea here is to find something that will keep you passionately interested. Not every detail of running a business is equally interesting, but you want to assure that your business offers enough different experiences so that you remain eager to get up every day and run your business.
  5. Do you love or hate technology? While most businesses require some computer use, consider the extent to which you’ll need to use other technologies – like wireless gadgets, the Internet, and various types of software – to help you manage your business.
  6. Consider if you’re ready to learn a complete new set of skills or primarily wish to build off of skills you already possess. Every new business owner has to learn some new skills, such as office administration or Internet marketing. But, it’s very important that you honestly assess how well you know the “nuts and bolts” of your prospective business idea, otherwise you face a steep learning curve your first year in business, at the same time you face the daily demands of selling your product or service. A franchise system may be the way to go if you want a ready made system and are not looking to invent the wheel.
  7. Weigh your options of a Start-up vs A Franchise.  A start-up business offers you the ability to create and invent the business. It will take a lot of resources and time to do this so be prepared to put the time and money in. A franchise business allows you to skip the build and invent process and just align yourself with a proven business model and apply your skills and experiences accordingly.

At the end of the day what is most important is to do something you are passionate about , have a solid plan and the rest will come.

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Do you want to Quit your Day Job?

Posted by trinda On June - 19 - 2015

Do you want to Quit your Day Job?

What defines a good business Owner?

Attitude: 60% –Winston Churchill said: “Never, ever, ever, ever give up.” If you really believe in what you’re doing, your passionate and you truly want it you can achieve it. Settle in and mentally prepare yourself to work. Overall positive attitude is the deciding factor in the success of your business. Attitude is what separates very successful people.

Network: 20% –The relationships that you develop and maintain over the years matter a lot. Ask the people you want to access how you can help them. That will open up far more doors for you, if you lead with “how can I help you?” Not everyone has a network and if this is the case you will need some support and guidance in creating one a franchise may offer a good way to do this as there is already a proven system in place.

Skills: 20% –Anyone can learn the capabilities of the business if they truly want it, pedal to the metal. You have to want it. If you are not someone who wants to create something for themselves then perhaps other business options are more feasible such as buying an existing business or buying a franchise.

So do you quit your day job and follow your dreams only you know the answer to that. 


Feeling Secure With Your Own Business

Posted by trinda On June - 1 - 2015

Feeling Secure With Your Own Business

In Business For Yourself

The “in business for yourself” part is that you are the owner, you call the shots. You can work with the clients directly, expand the business as you choose. create your own hours and availability, and in general organize your operation to suit your needs and style. At the same time, you’re working within an established formula that you know works, because 100’s of franchisees in our case around the world have tested it. You don’t have to perform the risky tasks of market research and testing to determine what works this is already an existing business model working breathing and evolving.

All this translates into that golden word we mentioned earlier: security

With a  franchise, you have the complete picture, and don’t have to work in the dark. Nor do you have to worry that you’re unsupported or aren’t moving into a strong market, like you would with a more traditional small business. A WSI franchise has all the best elements of traditional employment and self-employment rolled into one strong, effective package. A proven system, strong creditability, global partners and ability to use your experience and skills is what provides security and long term success to our franchisees in over 80 countries.

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