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Archive for May, 2013

Mobile and Social Lead the Way

Posted by trinda On May - 30 - 2013

Mobile and Social Lead the Way

According to a recent eMarketer report marketers are backing up there excitement around mobile, social and video with more ad dollars. Of the 20 major US brands surveyed by the Association of National Advertisers in March 2013, 65% said they were increasing their investments in mobile—the highest percentage of marketers upping investments in any channel studied.

Marketers seem to have no hesitations about social, as 55% of respondents said they

Growth in the number of social media users is reaching maturity in the US   Meanwhile, the mobile internet is still set to see double-digit user increases during the next couple of years.. were putting more dollars towards social media, while no advertisers reporting a decrease in social investments.

Marketers allocated 60% of their offline budget to branding vs. 42% of their digital budget. Direct response took 32% of digital spend vs. 20% of offline spending.

Business owners are really starting to understand the need for social media in there business but the majority of business still do understand how to do this.

Many small boutique agencies that offer digital marketing are finding the need to add additional services to there business to service the growing needs to there clients, to service larger ticket clients and to ultimately stay relevant and in the game. This really is a Digital Revolution

Small Businesses and Social Media

Posted by trinda On May - 28 - 2013

While it’s hard to say “I am surprised”, a survey released  in the United States revealed that small businesses are spending more money and time on social media.

Vertical Response, a provider of self-service marketing solutions, says they inquired about how much time small businesses spend on “social media activities, including finding and sharing content on popular social networks and blogging, and what tasks take the most time.”

Of the 462 small businesses surveyed, 66 percent said they spend more time on social media now than previous years. In addition, 43 percent said they spend “six or more hours per week on social media activities for their business.”

“Our survey confirms that small businesses are understanding the value of social media,” said Janine Popick, chief executive officer and founder of VerticalResponse. “They’re spending more time doing it, and investing more money into it at a faster rate. But the extra work will likely lead to time management issues, especially for the small business owner who’s handling social media on top of all the other responsibilities of running a company.”

This tells us small business owners are starting to understand the value of social media but hiring an expert is essential as a small business can’t possibly  be all , do all and succeed.

Keeping Popick’s last statement in mind, of the CEOs and owners surveyed, nearly 33 percent said “they’d rather spend less time on social media.” According to the release, the 33 percent would rather focus their time on expanding the business.

Although their concerns seem valid, it seems kind of silly to not want to spend more time on social media related activities. After all, with an estimated 1.2 billion Facebook users, more than 200 million on LinkedIn worldwide and an average of 200 million tweets per day, how can you not say social media is important?

Based on these statistics, it seems as if social media is essentially taking over all other marketing techniques.

Business do however need to understand that social media is only one corner of the very large digital marketing puzzle.

What the survey did not discuss was the impact a Company’s website and other online attributes have on its Social Media presence.

The digital landscape is a very rapidly growing vertical and business owners need to hold on, use the tools and hire a professional to take full advantage on what digital marketing can do for there business.

Understanding Internet Marketing

Posted by trinda On May - 8 - 2013

Many businesses and professionals  alike are always trying to understand internet marketing and how everything fits together in there business.

I saw this great example called the “internet marketing tree”.

Not only does the tree show all of the components and possibilities but it also shows the  priorities of how internet marketing can be effective if done right.

The trunk is the core of the tree just like a good website should be the core of a good company.  In the case of a tree it thrives by it branches drawing in rain and sunshine, expanding upward and growing larger to block out competing vegetation to ensure its long life.

Your website is the trunk or core of your company.  Your branches on your tree represent your companies  social media strategies, landing pages, mobile strategies,  search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) etc. You need to ensure you have many branches to feed your site in order to  have  a strong growing digital strategy and  ensure you grow beyond your competition and service your clients needs.



Agencies Losing Out On Mobile

Posted by trinda On May - 7 - 2013

Mobile Ad Spend on the Rise and many Agencies are losing revenue opportunities on Mobile.

A recent post from e-marketer really shows the growth in mobile throughout the UK

Mobile is getting more attention from UK agencies, even as substantial questions remain regarding certain mobile issues and trends. The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK) found that in 2012 more than half of agencies reported spending between 6% and 20% of their digital budgets on mobile.

eMarketer expects mobile to account for 16.1% of digital spending in the country in 2013, when it reaches £965 million ($1.53 billion), after nearly doubling since 2012. The UK, with its high penetration of smartphones and tablets, is behind only the US and Japan in the percentage of digital budget allocated to mobile, according to eMarketer.

Seven out of 10 agency respondents reported that lack of client understanding of mobile was holding them back from making a greater investment in the channel.

Even as agencies’ mobile knowledge expands, there remain opportunities and issues many have not yet explored. The greatest percentage (53%) reported having no experience with either responsive web design or mobile privacy. Real-time mobile advertising, near-field communication (NFC) and HTML5 were also areas that almost half of agencies had no experience with yet.

While UK agencies may be a long way from fully leveraging the mobile channel, there is no question it will only become more important to the digital marketing mix over time. Over nine out of 10 respondents expected mobile to be the fastest-growing medium in the next five years.

This report from e-marketer really shows that businesses need education in mobile and digital in general. Agencies that are not able to deliver will quickly need to find a way to bolt these services on to their existing portfolio to quickly capture the client revenue and digital opportunities.

The Mystery of Social Media ROI

Posted by trinda On May - 2 - 2013

There’s still some clouds in the way when it comes to properly calculating social media ROI, but it’s worth investigating.

Social media is a big part of your business’ digital marketing strategy. With all the social platforms sprouting up and taking off (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), the possibilities to market yourself are almost endless. A little creativity can go a long way to growing your online reputation and your ROI.  Social media  can make it  happen much faster than with traditional forms of  media.

Can you track your social media return on investment?

Not everything you do on Twitter and Facebook is going to move people directly to the checkout every time. What it will do is increase your visibility. In regards to ROI, what is your reputation worth? One way to calculate is by asking how much that syndication and reputation outlet would cost in real media dollars. Considering Facebook and Twitter are free (unless you buy ads), the cost of social media is relatively low compared to newspaper or television campaigns.

Here are a few things to consider when putting together a social media marketing campaign:

  • Realize what you will be missing out on if you don’t engage
  • Make sure all social channels are aligned towards one single goal
  • Understand it takes time to cultivate and nurture social leads so the longer you wait the bigger the jump your competition has on you 

Tools Available for Your Social Media ROI

As marketers and developers continue to unravel the mystery of social ROI, the number of social monitoring tools is growing. Recently, Google launched a Social Reports addition to Google Analytics, while Adobe launched Adobe Social. As more digital powerhouses release options for social media tracking, it becomes clear just how important so-called “vanity metrics” is to marketers.

In the end, it’s all about what your business needs from your social media campaign, be it followers, likes or general brand awareness.

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