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Archive for April, 2013

Consumers have limits on what they want to see from brands on social networks

According to E-marketer this year more than half of the population in Australia will be social network users.. According to a December 2012 survey from Latitude Insights and The Social Hatch, 82% of social media users had connected with a brand via a social site. On Facebook alone, nearly three out of 10 users reported connecting with 11 or more brands.

Users everywhere often connect with brands on social to get discounts and promotions. And in Australia that certainly holds true.

The responses shows that while offering discounts is certainly popular with social media users, there are plenty of other ways to get consumers’ attention and forge new connections.

Social media users know how to curate their connections and are sensitive to feeds overwhelmed by unwanted content. The takeaway is to create relevant and interesting content that keeps users engaged.

Social Media plays a big part in engaging users in your brand and allowing them to validate or research a product or service.

If you have considered being in business for yourself digital marketing is a continually growing market and companies need an educated and well informed digital marketer.

Landing Pages and What you Need to Know

Posted by trinda On April - 22 - 2013

Landing Page Love…6 Essential Steps You Need to Know

Free Webinar on Thursday, April 25, 2013 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

If landing pages are part of your online marketing strategy be sure to attend this webinar to learn some key design tips. Register:

Webinar Registration


In this 60-minute webinar we will outline the common mistakes businesses make when it comes to their landing pages and why these can instantly kill your campaign conversions.  In addition he’ll also share 6 steps to effective landing page design that will help ensure your overall paid advertising success.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

• What marketing goals and objectives should I define before I get started?
• What do I need to consider when it comes to landing page layouts?
• How many elements should I have on my landing page?
• How do you effectively write content for landing pages?
• Am I making some common mistakes without realizing it?

In addition, by attending the webinar you’ll also receive our 25-Point Landing Page Checklist that will help you assess your current landing pages and understand where initial improvements and professional consulting may be required.

This webinar is brought to you by WSI Digital Marketing and is being presented by Chuck Bankoff. WSI has over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries.

Referral Person: Trinda Tresham



Return on Investment in Franchising

Posted by trinda On April - 22 - 2013

Return on Investment in Franchising

ROI can refer to more than simply the money , although that is definitely a big part of it. Time is a particularly hefty investment in any business, and anyone who’s even considered the process knows that the time you invest into your business can sometimes take you right past normal business hours. When someone is looking at self employment they need to understand and keep in mind that when starting a business from scratch the ROI will take quite some time and the time invested will be a lot as there is no proven system established.

The strength of a franchise is that a lot of the leg work that goes into start-up has already been done. I franchisor has looked into the market, and has done the market testing and discovered the strategies and best practices. Franchisees don’t have to invest valuable time into researching their demographics, lead generation strategies or in creating advertising material — the franchisor has handled that part, so franchisees can focus on following the system, building a business with a proven model and creating revenue.

Franchising = Operating at a Profit

In a global downturn of big business, the smaller business owner is well-placed to take advantage and grow there own organization effectively, and the ROI is there, just waiting for discovery.

Every franchise, just like any small business, requires an investment to get moving. However, unlike most small businesses, a major portion of franchisees seem to operate at a profit. The reason for this is that a franchise is not an untested venture. Franchises have training and tools to help you get started, reducing the amount of set-up time to an effective, well-tested minimum that gets you right to doing what you do best — running your business. On top of that, the market is wide open for franchises, with the vast majority operating at a profit every year.

WSI wants to help you tap into this market and to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Marketing with Social Media featured in Swedish web magazine

Posted by trinda On April - 19 - 2013

WSI Consultant, Madelene Wadelius, featured in Swedish web magazine

We’re pleased to share a recent article, “Marketing with Social Media” in which Consultant, Madelene Wadelius discusses how and why companies need to leverage social media channels in order to engage with their customers. Madelene reveals the value of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to business owners looking to keep up with the digital environment’s rapid evolution.

Here’s a short excerpt from the article (translated):

“It is important to communicate with the client in the same social media that the client has choosen,   and provide good service. One should be careful not to try to sell directly. Many people need to go our courses to learn how social media can be used,” says Madelene. 

To view the full article (in Swedish) visit: 

WSI has over 1000 franchisees in 80 countries. Our franchisee have a desire and passion for helping businesses and are looking to achieve greater personal success and wealth by owning there own business.

If you are looking at the opportunity to start your own business and feel passionate about digital marketing you can learn more about the franchise opportunity.

Be the Boss

Posted by trinda On April - 18 - 2013

One of the best things about a being your own boss is that it offers the ability to have the freedom, control, lifestyle and income you desire. Many professionals seeking to be their own boss quite often turn to franchising as there is an already established and proven business model in place. Every franchisee is part of a family, able to draw on resources such as training, common information sources, and so forth. However, each is also a business unto itself, and a franchise owner is able to look at the profitability question in a whole new way — as the boss! 

In a traditional employment arrangement, there is a certain amount of job comfort. After all, there is a clearly-defined set of goals and rules that have to be met, and the employee gets paid for doing so. As long as the parent company remains profitable, the employee should have a job. Many years ago a job meant security and stability but more and more today this is not the case.

However, that statement right there shows the nature of the beast: the parent company’s profitability is the key concern. Many middle and high level managers who were doing quite well, have found themselves out of work in recent years, because the company as a whole needed to cut back. Many of us – in one way or another – have felt the pressures from economic challenges.

The good news is that many of these professionals have very strong skills they are able to leverage and transfer into their own business. This is why a franchise is an outstanding opportunity for them, and a chance to use their skills and experience in a proven working business model. Franchising really is simple follow the system and you will have success.

In a franchise, the owner is in business for themselves not by themselves.

You have control of the business, your hours and your success. For those of us interested in running small businesses but enjoy having some of the support structure of more traditional employment by way of a franchise model, franchising is clearly a win-win opportunity.

Is Owning a Business Right For You? Take a short cut to Success

Today’s businessmen might be asking, “Why a franchise?” What is it about a franchise that makes it such a consistently successful mode of operation for new business owners? The truth is that franchising has some distinct advantages which allow franchise owners to compete on much stronger ground than they would when starting a business from scratch.

Here are three reasons any businessman can say “yes” when asked “Is franchising right for you?”

Instant Creditability : Each WSI franchise is an extension of the existing WSI brand. When a new franchisee is ready to open there franchise, the brand has already been established. Imagine the power of walking into a business your first day in operation and being able to show industry specific examples. Let’s say your potential client is a dentist and you show them 4 or 5 examples of solutions we have already produced in the dental industry. We show them the challenges the company had, what we did and the end results. Anything we have done as a global company in 80 countries our experience and creditability becomes yours from day one. In a start up business this creditability is hard to build and takes time which means longer to see revenue in the business.

Training and Support: Within the WSI Internet Franchise we provide on-going training and support to our franchise consultants. As a franchisee you don’t have to figure out what is next or relevant to your clients as that is part of the ongoing training and support. WSI provides ongoing support and training through regular webinars, annual conferences, regionalized trainings and end client education to name a few. We also leverage WSI’s eMarketplace of proven, qualified production centres and suppliers around the world. This provides a short cut to success.

Collaborative Network: In business for yourself but not by yourself. A small business trying to purchase supplies, be they physical supplies or web space, can only command so much attention from their vendor of choice. A WSI franchisee, on the other hand, is backed by a powerful global supply chain of qualified production centres and suppliers around the world. A franchisor has the ability to negotiate on the franchisees’ behalf and bring prices down, giving big-name support while allowing the franchisee the freedom to operate the business with their own managing style. Our franchisees collaborate on a global scale to bring together skills and knowledge often partner on very large projects leveraging each other’s expertise and knowledge and sharing revenue.

Your office desk doesn’t look the same as it did 5 years ago so why do you?

It is important to realize that as consumers and marketing around you changes you need to change with it. As a business owner it use to be true that if you continued to do the same thing over and over you would get the same results. With technology today and the speed in which we change if you now continue to do the same thing over and over you may not be in business in 5 years.

Many companies already have or are in the process of switching gears to a digital strategy but unfortunately get lost in cyber space with all the buzz words and quite often lose focus to what is important to their business and more importantly what is relevant and provides results.

In the last few years there has been a surge in new businesses offering web development and as quickly as they open they close because they are limited in what they can offer and quite often find it hard to stay up to speed with technology and client needs.

If you are considering a change of careers , looking at start your own business / franchise or looking to add to an existing business make sure you choose a proven business model that can steer you and your client to success.

Traditional Goes Digital

Posted by trinda On April - 9 - 2013

Edigaralde Cmasociados is a traditional marketing  agency in Ecuador and as times have changed in traditional advertising they saw a need to change and integrate traditional advertising and digital advertising to better service there clients. After learning about the WSI franchise opportunity and being awarded a franchise they bolted the WSI franchise on their existing business to be able to service their client’s digital needs and as a way to drive new business to their existing business and close larger ticket clients.

Shortly after their training at the Toronto headquarters they also applied and were awarded the master franchise for Ecuador to grow the market and expand the brand. They have a proven track record in traditional advertising, marketing and publishing and are excited to combine their strong business acumen with WSI’s expertise to significantly grow the WSI brand and their current agency within the region. 

 (Image: New Master Franchisees Paul Chavez, Carlos Molina and Sebastian Romero with Michael Monaghan and Ana Popovska-Jovcevska from Home Office at the new team’s headquarters.)

What is happening to the advertising agencies business around the world is nothing new. It is the same thing that happened to the travel industry, the print industry, the newspaper and magazine industries and many others, it’s called the INTERNET.

With Digital Marketing’s continued unprecedented growth, many small boutique agencies are scrambling to reclaim lost revenue from clients who have left or reduced traditional media expenditure and refocused their advertising dollars to digital.

Advertising agencies need to offer complete Digital services and solutions in order to stay relevant to their clients and get future clients. The time is now for traditional agencies to change or time will run out. Edigaralde Cmasociados saw this opportunity and need.

In addition to Ecuador, WSI also has Master Franchise Offices located in France, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Baltics, Qatar, Bahrain, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, West India, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

If you are looking to start your own business, bolt on digital services to your existing business or look at master opportunities you can reach out to our team for further information.

Online Retail Set for 95% Growth in the Middle East

Posted by trinda On April - 4 - 2013

Online retail sales are expected to grow by 95% in the UAE over the next five years, according to Euromonitor International.

The research shows rocketing sales online will be driven by consumers becoming more sophisticated and confident with online purchases in the UAE.

Internet retailing in the UAE will benefit from a “surge in consumer enthusiasm and confidence” to 2018, Euromonitor said.

“With Internet users in the Arab world tipped to reach over 170 million by 2016, Internet retailing in the region is clearly set for staggering growth,” he said.

Looking ahead, Euromonitor market research indicates Internet retailing in the region is expanding across other channels, with new products such as home care and DIY and gardening recently gaining their first significant presence in Internet retailing.

Players from the UAE have already started expanding elsewhere including Saudi Arabia where forecast growth over the next five years is 136%.

Euromonitor also said it expects this to be followed by huge expansion into other countries such as Egypt.

Payments firm PayPal said in November it expects to sign up to 25,000 merchants and capture 10% of the MENA region’s e-commerce customers in the next two years following the launch of its local operation.

PayPal, now available in seven markets across the Middle East and North Africa, has 1 million customers in the region but expects to grow “exponentially”, said Elias Ghanem, its regional chief.

This is a very important time for businesses to evaluate their current digital solutions and be sure they are meeting the demands of the changing market otherwise potential customers will be lost to other businesses. Add a digital solution to your business, bolt on a digital services to your existing business or have the ability to offer digital solutions and own your own business.

Happiness Overrated

Posted by trinda On April - 1 - 2013

Happiness Overrated

OK, now that I have your attention I know we all want to be happy and it is definitely not overrated. The question is how do we get it?

To have a happy fulfilling life means different things for different people but in general, I really believe there are a few keys ingredients to bake the perfect cake

Remember that nothing in life is permanent. Some things may be a little harder to undo but think of it like painting a room. You come home after fishing for a weekend with the guys and to your shock your wife has painted your bedroom a hot pink. Liveable maybe, lovable probably not but that’s OK because its only paint and it can be changed. (If the wife will let you)

Live with purpose Do something in your life that makes an impact not just on yourself but others around you

Laugh Laughter is truly the best medicine. When you laugh you not only bring joy to yourself but others around you

Spend time with friends and family Spending time with family is important. We often get so wrapped up in the importance of money or other things in life that we sometimes forget about the most important little things. Your kids will only grow up once. Make sure you have a work / life balance.

Control your own destiny Working for someone else doesn’t always allow you to do this. If your passion and dream is to start your own business, then you would be in control of your own destiny by being your own boss, setting your own hours and controlling the level of income you earn.

Define your own success   Success for some people is working in a corporate position at an executive level; success for others may be defined by having their own business. Regardless of you dream or passion make sure that whatever you do, it is something you are passionate about , put in 150% and success will be the result.

And ….As your mother said eat your green vegetable- Consumption of green vegetables has been linked to everything from improved immune systems to helping ward off cancer and heart disease leading to a longer life.

No one can go back and make a new start. Anyone can start now and make a brand new ending. 


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