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Ways to Increase Revenue In Your Business

Posted by trinda On November - 26 - 2012

Many business owners today are looking for a solution on ways to increase revenue in there business and are finding the market is becoming more competitive and it is harder and harder to find new clients and retain existing clients.

What is unique about your business?

Do you offer a one stop shop?

Are you leaving money on the table?

WSI the world’s largest digital marketing company with over 1000 offices in 80 countries has launched its agency partner program.

Over the past several years WSI has realized a trend in there inquires to the WSI business. They have noticed more and more that small independent and medium sized advertising agencies, print shops, graphic design companies and publications are looking to provide a full service to their clients.

Many agencies do  web development some even do SEO and PPC but because of restraints and costs they are limited to how much knowledge and expertise they have, the cost they pass on to their client and find it difficult to keep up on new technologies.

If you own a business, consultant or independent marketer and would like to explore  options to increase revenue with your existing clients, offer more of a one stop service or are looking for a way to target new customers or bigger brands please inquire below for additional information.

6 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Posted by trinda On November - 5 - 2012

6  Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur.

  1. You’re passionate. Passion counts for a lot when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Without it, you will fail before you even start. There was a saying I once heard “if you light yourself on fire they will come from miles around to watch you burn”. This is passion.
  2. You’re always looking for opportunities. Entrepreneurs are opportunity-seekers. Everything is an opportunity. You do however have to be cautious and understand you are only one person and can only do so many things. For many entrepreneurs and good way of staying focused and not chasing every squirrel is to look for a good proven system.
  3. You want to live your work. Work isn’t a means to an end. It isn’t a way of collecting a paycheck and going home.. You want to experience something more than shuffling to the office at 8am, leaving at 5pm and forgetting what happened for that day. You’re dreaming of something more than that. If you enjoy what you do then it is not really job/work.
  4. You’re dreaming miles ahead while focused on what you’re doing right now. You’re a dreamer, not a daydreamer. You’re working constantly at achieving success on the details today to build for the dream tomorrow. Maybe it is your dream to own your own business like your father did or mentor. Maybe you want to build a business to pass down to your children.
  5. You’re an ego-maniac. You look at your boss and shrug. You know things could be better, and you believe strongly in your own abilities. You’ve got a big, healthy ego. It’s not unwarranted, but it’s not proven just yet either. The biggest challenge in starting a new business is systems. You are going to be wearing the hats of 20 people and let’s face it even with a big ego you’re not that good. Look at perhaps a franchise model something that has a proven system where you can take your skills and years of experience and put them into a working proven business model. This will boost your chance for success. .
  6. You want control. You watch your boss and co-workers shuffle around each and every day and you want to rattle some chains. You know your company is not behaving or acting the right way. You don’t agree with all the corporate politics and want to have more control. You think why should I work for this guy and make 200k /year when I can do it myself, work less, have more control and keep the money in my pocket.

So, are you an entrepreneur?

Inside you there just might be an entrepreneur waiting to come out.

Only you can really answer this question. If you are considering a change of pace and want to start your own business franchising has proven again and again to give you a proven working business model where you can put your skills, passions and years of experience into that system to have success.

If you are considering a franchise as an option and want to learn more about the WSI franchise you can request further information by emailing


Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Business

Posted by trinda On November - 1 - 2012

If your profit margins aren’t rising, chances are your company isn’t thriving. Here are 5 solutions to Increase Revenue in your Business.
 1. Fire Your Customers.

Getting rid of the 20% of your customers who provide the lowest profitability frees up capacity and resources to do work that is more profitable.

2. Go for the Mailbox Money.

“Mailbox money” is what I call checks that show up on a monthly basis. In our business we call this residual and reoccurring revenue so you are not running your business always looking for your next customer

3. Set yourself apart.

If you are an agency like some of our agency partners they found that the advertising space is very crowded especially traditional marketing. In today’s market with technology you need to be a one stop shop for your client. If you can’t do digital (websites, social media, analytics, split testing, mobile etc) and do it well than it is inevitable that your client is not going to stick around forever.

4. Export.

Use a network of suppliers to find international opportunities. The world is not flat it is round and the continual circle of fresh clients is never ending.

5. Have fun and love your product again.

Unique products command higher prices and greater profits. When your clients see that you are passionate it becomes infectious.

To just leave you with an additional thought

What if you could take your existing business and existing clients and significantly increase your revenue. Many businesses look to add additional services that are synergist with their current business or look at services that they may already offer and find a better, more efficient way to do them and keep more profits in their pocket. WSI has achieved this will our agency partner program.

Agency Partner Introduction

If you would like to learn more and see further examples and information please contact me direct or you can request further information here

Trinda Tresham – Agency Partner Program Specialist- WSI- Corporate Headquarters in Canada

1 888 678 7588 ex 1264 or direct 905 364 1264


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