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Archive for July, 2011

Investing in America Program Comes to an End

Posted by trinda On July - 19 - 2011

We have awarded several franchises to Veterans who have shown there ability to follow a system, to develop long term relationships, who have shown us  they have the  passion and desire to have more control and flexibility in owning their own business.

Even through the Investing in America Program has come to an end we still continue to be a member of VetFran and do offer Veterans who qualify a 10% discount on the franchise investment. To qualify for this program you must be able to produce a copy of your DD214 if you are invited to apply.

If you are a Veteran and are looking at business ownership as an option you can request further information here

(See: “WSI Consultant Andrew Nguyen, Featured in Dallas Morning News,” and read about his 300% revenue increase.)

Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

While some franchisors are reinvesting in their franchisees as a way to stimulate the economy, others are offering discounts towards initial investment costs and royalty fees. The digital marketing firm WSI, for example, just launched its Investing in America Program—an initiative aimed to give back to the community and help re-build the U.S. economy after the recession. Through this program, WSI will be offering U.S.-based young entrepreneurs and military veterans the opportunity to invest in the franchise for a 50 percent discounted franchisee fee.

If you are a Veteran and are looking at business ownership as an option you can request further information here

Why Become a WSI Internet Franchise Owner?

Posted by trinda On July - 19 - 2011

As we watched our franchisees continue to prosper in the most difficult times, we have also noticed all those individuals who had been displaced due to the recession. And, understandably, these individuals all made the decision that they would not let this happen to them again. They decided that they were going to take control and start something for themselves.

These men and women had come from enviable backgrounds and were looking for something that would allow them to continue to work in a white collar environment. They were looking for something that would allow them to retain the lifestyle they and their families were accustomed to. Additionally, they were looking for something that would give them an opportunity to experience something that had been missing before: control of their own time and the chance to spend time with family when they wanted to.

The final part of what they were in search for was the opportunity to build something of their own. They wanted something that would provide financially for their families for a lifetime, so that they never again would have to worry about falling victim to a declining economy.

Through owning a WSI Digital Marketing Franchise, they were no longer tied down to a job because of a pay check or forced to watch all their efforts make millions for a company. Instead, they now could invest their time and realize 100% of the benefits from their efforts.

As these professionals started on their initial search, it was necessary to identify an industry that would not be affected by the recession. It was important for them to find a business and company that was well positioned to assist them in breaking into the industry and give them the support and infrastructure to succeed. It is for precisely these reasons that WSI has seen a continued increase in franchise growth and an increase in our franchisees’ profitability. This really has become an opportunity that will allow someone to live the lifestyle they are looking for.

If you are considering a transition from your current position,  looking to leave a position or finding yourself not able to find your next position perhaps a franchise might be next step to help you achieve your goals

How to Make Money from my Existing Clients

Posted by trinda On July - 12 - 2011

Many businesses today are finding themselves caught in an ever changing market, clients that demand additional services, technologies that have gone beyond our expectations and a market where businesses are looking to spend less but get more.

If you are looking to capitalize on this market and increase the revenues in your business you need to look at your current client base and what their needs are.  If you tap into your existing client base you won’t have the need to support a larger client base or find new customers.

If you would like to explore this further

The idea of selling to the same clients over and over again is everyone business owners dream but few businesses today have achieved this.

Think of it like McDonalds “Would you like fries with that “or “would you like to up size your fries or drink” there are always add on services you can offer your clients. To use another example if you are a business that provides printing services for your clients the option to cross sell is great with internet solutions as this would compliment your existing services and fill a need for the client. Remember if you are not providing these services to your client then someone else is.

True wealth can be achieved by taking or creating opportunities as they present themselves. Many times the lack of decision or direction supported by the unwillingness to implement new solutions or meet the changing needs of your clients can result in failure, sometimes closure but certainly missed opportunities for revenue.

Building multiple or new revenue streams in businesses can sometimes be difficult if you are not set up for it, prepared to support it or willing to embrace it. If you keep focused on the goal of creating further wealth in your business then you just need to look at the options that can best help you to do this and find your path to achieve success.

  • Hire additional staff to meet these needs
  • Bolt on another business to your business so the hard work is already done and existing systems can be used
  • Or partner with an outside service

Whatever options you choose for your business remember that you can’t expect to continue to do the same thing over and over and achieve different results. If you would like to explore this further


Franchising A Fast Path to Success

Posted by trinda On July - 10 - 2011

Recently one of WSI’s franchisees – Walter Meade – was featured in Hispanic Today, a digital magazine highlighting successful Hispanics and their rise in the business world.

In the article “Franchising: A Fast Path to Success?”, Walter – a WSI Internet Franchisee based in Mexicali, Mexico – discusses his path of investing in a WSI digital marketing business opportunity and attributed much of his lucrative success as a franchisee to his previous careers.  Like so many other professionals who take the route of acquiring a franchise, Walter found it was his professional history that allowed him to seamlessly transition into the WSI Internet franchise network.

Here’s a short excerpt from the article.

“WSI franchisee Walter Meade was recently featured in Hispanic Today, a digital magazine containing business success stories about Hispanics. Many Latinos are looking to franchising as a second career path – using the skills they obtained in their previous careers to propel them in their new business venture as a franchisee. Walter Meade opened WSI in Mexicali, Mexico about 1 year ago after serving as an advisor to the Mexican federal government and some state governments in fields like strategic planning and national security. WSI provides digital marketing solutions including website design and e-commerce solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses around the world. Meade’s career transition allowed him to incorporate his professional background into WSI’s experience in the Internet marketing business.”

Read the entire article here.

If you are considering a transition from your current position,  looking to leave a position or finding yourself not able to find your next position perhaps a franchise might be next step to help you achieve your goals

WSI Franchisee featured in Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Posted by trinda On July - 8 - 2011

As usual, it’s great to see WSI Consultants getting some recognition from their local communities. The Lockport Union – Sun & Journal, which serves the residents of Lockport, New York, featured an article showcasing WSI Internet franchisees Larry and Lisa Patrick. Entitled “A Home for Internet Marketing,” it covers their background in delivering online business solutions and the tremendous growth and opportunity  it’s generated for their franchise…all from the comfort of their own home!

If you are considering a transition from your current position,  looking to leave a position or finding yourself not able to find your next position perhaps a franchise might be next step to help you achieve your goals

Although only 30% of franchisees today come from technical backgrounds as the focus in the business today is more on consulting, building long term relationships and residual revenue the Patrick’s have successfully been able to adjust to the change in the industry and the needs of there clients over the years.

The Patricks have owned A Plus Net Solutions since being awarded a WSI Internet franchise in 2005. Originally, based in San Antonio, Texas, where they drove their growth to average over $500,000 in annual revenue! And through their partnership with WSI, they’re sure to have all the resources and proven systems to make the cross-country transition smooth and successful. In fact, with the freedom of owning their own business and the ability to set their own schedule, they’ve even been able to sustain their business relationships with their Texas state clientele of more than 150!

Congratulations go out to Lisa and Larry! This article fosters excellent local exposure for A Plus Net Solutions and establishes the WSI Internet Franchise Opportunity as one of the most unique and profitable digital marketing models in the marketplace!

Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

Larry and Lisa Patrick feel right at home when it comes to using the Internet. So much so, the Lockport couple is running an online business out of their own house. The Patricks are the owners of A Plus Net Solutions, an Internet marketing firm. A Plus aims to help businesses by using the Internet to be successful and grow, something the Patricks know a little about. Both have extensive experience in information technology, such as Larry Patrick who has been in the business for 25 years.

You can read the entire article “A Home for Internet Marketing” here.

If you are considering a transition from your current position,  looking to leave a position or finding yourself not able to find your next position perhaps a franchise might be next step to help you achieve your goals

Entrepreneurs and small businesses have an advantage over medium to larger sized businesses. They are flexible, fast and they can usually make quick decisions without the bureaucracy that many larger companies suffer from.

This ability to take action and make decisions is what makes blogging work so well for small-sized businesses. Blogging is a powerful way for a small-sized business to interact and reach potential customers.

Why should businesses be blogging?

Low cost: Blogs can offer a low-cost way for businesses to get a presence online socially. Most small businesses do have a website or some sort of online presence. The problem they have is there website is usually not kept update and becomes very stale. Blogs allows a business to create an online presence that is much easier to be kept up to date with fresh content.

Content is king: The focus of a blog should always be about the message and not the flashy design. Blogs are about reaching targeted audiences with a message that they will find interesting and useful. It could be about opinions, news, FAQ’s, the latest industry trends or just simple how to advice.

Blogs are fast: Blogs broadcast new content via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) across the web. This is exactly the same technology that allows news stories to be published and found within minutes of a news story breaking. Normal websites wait for the search engine spiders to discover their content while blogs broadcasts their message actively.

Optimization: By adding a Blog to your business website it can help to improve the overall organic search engine rankings for your website. All you have to do is write blog posts with keyword rich content.

People still read blogs; you are basically reading one right at this moment. Blogging is an excellent method to grow your small business.

If your company needs a Blog than please email and we would be happy to arrange for a franchisee to call you

If you are a business or an individual looking to add a business to your current business or start a business you can request further information here

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