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Start-Up VS. Franchise

Posted by trinda On July - 1 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Start-Up VS. Franchise Buying a small business is a major career step. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make relates to the type of business you hope to acquire. Specifically, you will need to decide whether to start your own business or a franchise. Some professionals thrive as independent business owners, while others are more likely to prosper as franchise owners. In reality, there are no easy answers to the startup business versus the franchise . Instead, you will need to carefully... (more...)

Who Said Your to Old?

Posted by trinda On June - 29 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

50+ Boomers are now the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the U.S. Boomers are attracted by the freedom to act upon there ideas as they see fit, the chance to achieve much better balance between there work and leisure lives and the opportunity to enjoy a source of income that’s only limited by personal ambitions. Who ever said you were to old is clearly mislead. Even many retired professionals are coming out of retirement to start there own business as one realizes they can only play... (more...)

Do you want to Quit your Day Job?

Posted by trinda On June - 19 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Do you want to Quit your Day Job? What defines a good business Owner? Attitude: 60% –Winston Churchill said: “Never, ever, ever, ever give up.” If you really believe in what you’re doing, your passionate and you truly want it you can achieve it. Settle in and mentally prepare yourself to work. Overall positive attitude is the deciding factor in the success of your business. Attitude is what separates very successful people. Network: 20% –The relationships that you develop and maintain... (more...)

Where’s your Yellow Brick road?

Posted by trinda On June - 16 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Where’s your Yellow Brick road? Everyone has heard of the wizard of Oz and the famous movie of a young girl swept up by a cyclone and dropped into a fictional land of munchkins. Here the young girl is to follow the yellow brick road in order to see the wizard and get back home. Along the way there are a lot of bumps in the road but she meets many friends to whom she is willing to help. The Wizard of OZ really depicts all of our lives in some way or another. Each one of us has a yellow brick... (more...)

Feeling Secure With Your Own Business

Posted by trinda On June - 1 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Feeling Secure With Your Own Business In Business For Yourself The “in business for yourself” part is that you are the owner, you call the shots. You can work with the clients directly, expand the business as you choose. create your own hours and availability, and in general organize your operation to suit your needs and style. At the same time, you’re working within an established formula that you know works, because 100′s of franchisees in our case around the world have tested it.... (more...)

You’ve been laid off, downsized or restructured . You can’t find employment or you are just not happy with what you are doing. Have you considered starting your own business? So you have been laid off, let go, downsized, or however you want to put it, once someone has been out of work for any amount of time it can be difficult to get back into the workforce. People with the best chances of landing that new career tend to find new opportunities quickly. Those who come from industries that... (more...)

Technology and the Internet are in flux. Giants like Apple, Google and Facebook are changing the way we interact with each other. Technologies move so quickly that jumping on the train can be daunting for businesses. But the route hasn’t always been clear; social media, mobile marketing and search marketing campaigns are always changing.  Luckily, digital marketing is still in its infancy and there’s plenty of time to get on track. Written by WSI, Digital Minds brings industry-proven expertise... (more...)

The Difference Between agencies that survive, thrive or Die (WhitePaper) Are you leaving money on the table with your clients? If all you can do is traditional marketing or make websites for your client you may be in a sinking boat like a company that defined itself as a “newspaper company” instead of a “company that delivers the news”. You may need to re-invent yourself and your business in order to stay relevant and up to the needs of businesses. Many... (more...)

Why a Franchise?

Posted by trinda On May - 14 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Why a Franchise? Worldwide, franchising is currently riding a wave of unprecedented global growth. For the right kind of person, franchise ownership can provide the perfect vehicle for achieving financial success freedom and control. A franchise provides the opportunity to be master of your own financial destiny, while enjoying the support of an established organization and the resources it commands. Statistics vary widely on the success/failure ratio of franchised versus non-franchised start-up... (more...)

Why Are you on LinkedIn?

Posted by trinda On May - 7 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Why Are you on Linked? I believe it is time we think a little bit differently. Don’t ignore a stranger. Imagine you are standing in the room at a networking event and a professional approaches you extending their hand to introduce themselves. Instead of shaking hands you quickly turn your back on them and walk away. Sounds crazy right, yet millions of LinkedIn users do this when they ignore invitation requests from people they don’t know on LinkedIn.  “Why would I want to accept an invitation... (more...)